I have to caveat this with the statement that I am a Science/Speculative/Fantasy fiction whore. I am able to watch and enjoy almost anything in the fiction vien, provided that it obeys its own set of rules and narrative.

I have to say I am loving Abrams new series "Fringe", its just enough semi-science in with the pseudo-science to make it really fun. I haven't had this much fun with a show since "The Middleman".

Anyone else out there digging this show?

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I saw the pilot and thought it was okay.but then I got captured by The Mentalist which is opposite it. I'm hoping I can catch up in reruns.
I watched it for a while, but eventually lost interest. Maybe it will get better, but right now it's very much like many other sf shows are when they start out: one bizarre monster-villain after another without a compelling reason to keep watching. The only reason I really kept watching to begin with, I think, is Walter. Walter is awesome.
I was intrigued by the addition of wasssisface - the younger guy. But I soon got sick of it.
The program just gets nothing right. I know it's sci-fi, but come on, at least get what little actual science you're using in it right. In particular, the episode (I think it was the pilot actually) with the sensory deprivation tank? Exactly HOW was that a sensory deprivation tank?
Sorry, but I can't get past the corny writing, the corny lines, the corny acting and the crap science. The other half watches it, and whenever I happen to catch some of it with him, I work out the 'mystery' within five minutes, and not even seeing half the episode. I dislike programs where I can work them out that quickly.
SFF depends on a willing suspension of disbelief. If something pricks that soap bubble, the entire thing pops and the enjoyment goes out of it. I remember one particular review of a book where the reviewer said, "Disbelief is meant to be suspended, not hung by the neck until dead." If the show popped that bubble for you, you have every right not to like it.
I like Fringe a lot. I think the blend of real science (at least speculatively possibly science) with the more whacko crystal gazing, UFO abducted, psychic fantasies, makes for some fun stuff. I also like Eleventh Hour (particularly the FBI protector .......Homer Simpson drool)
I love Fringe.
Fringe is one of my favorite shows. I thoroughly enjoy suspending my disbelief (temporarily) for entertainment purposes, which is why I read so much fantasy and sci-fi, I suppose. Other shows that provide that kind of fun fantasy fix for me include Sanctuary, Warehouse 13, and Lost... and it's been rumored that an American remake is in the works for the BBC series Torchwood. I'm quite looking forward to that!
I caught a couple of episodes of Torchwood - I hope they do an American version (or just run the British version). Another show I like is Eureka, it's off the wall and funny.
The new show on SyFy (shitty name) Haven could also be good.
Fringe is one of my favourite shows. And I hardly watch new television anymore (other than Criminal Minds). It was intriguing at first, but it just kept getting better and better. Especially in this last season- I've been so impressed. It could be in part due to the fact that Leonard Nimoy owns though lol.

I haven't been this excited about a TV show since The X-Files though. Though... I mean nothing beats The X-Files to me, but that's still a pretty bold statement for me.

So you definitely aren't alone :)

Anyone else see the season 2 finale? Ugh I hate when shows do this and I have to wait all summer for a resolution...




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