The Collapse of Western Civilization -A View from the Future

Naomi Oreskes & Erik M. Conway posit a historian from The Second People's Republic of China sometime after 2074, analyzing how Western Civilization came to destroy itself via climate change. I found the fictional account of our near term future riveting. But laughed out loud at their deux ex maxima

...a key species of lichen evolved to use atmospheric CO 2 more efficiently, this adaptation, coupled with a fortuitous shift in Earth’s orbit, reversed the warming trend.

Overall, it was a plausible scenario. Such fiction is thought provoking for me.

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Excellent story, and as Ruth says, very thought provoking.  I am a bit surprised, though, that the authors did not touch on fundamental christianity as part of the problem.  These folks are so looking forward to the return of jesus that they are quite willing to let the world go to hell in a hand basket in order to effect that end. 

And, unfortunately, they have almost half the vote in America...

Good point, Donna.




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