Up until quite recently, I was on a big science fiction kick--Asimov, Clarke and Niven mostly. I recently moved to California where all of our books had been with my husband for almost a year and jumped on The Courts of Chaos from The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny. It's been awhile since I read the first 4 books of The Corwin Cycle and was wondering if anyone could help jog my memory and get me thinking about the series again.

Has anyone read the series and have somehing insightful to say about it? As we are on Atheist Nexus, I'd be interested to hear from an atheistic and/or secular position.

If you haven't read these books and have no idea what I'm on about, get off the computer, go down to your public library and do what you need to in order to read these books.

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I haven't read the second set, but I remember fondly reading the first set of 5 books when they initially came out...and waiting a year or more between volumes! Aeegh. Worse than waiting between the Star Wars movies.

For anyone who hasn't read them, I remember them as being exciting and insightful, suspenseful, full of humor and fun. I enthusiastically second Sarah's recommendation. Read them!
I always like to look at the copyright info at the front of books and I remember thinking as I looked at the Amber copyright dates how agonizing it must have been to wait for these when they were new.
It was agony. And I have to admit to being a torturer myself. There were people who had to wait over 10 years before the concluding 4th book of my Parsina Saga came out. And there are people who've waited over 2 decades for the 3rd Jade Darcy book. (Although in the case of the Jade books, the individual stories are complete in each volume; people just want more.)
Wow ...read those ... about 25 years ago when I was in high school

So I honestly don't remember much, except the fact that I liked them enough that I kept them with the idea that I would reread them one day, and I am not a re-reader ... a vague feeling of the vividness of descriptions of colors and odd otherworldly settings.

I think they are in a box in the attic, I have to go dig them out now
I read the Chronicles of Amber years and years ago, and can hardly remember anything about the series except that I enjoyed it immensely. I've been waiting for a copy of the big book that has the whole series to turn up at my local used bookstore, or at least the first several books all at the same time (I read too damn fast, I can't just get one at a time... or if I did get one at a time I'd have to let them sit in a box till I completed the set, otherwise I'd read one in a few hours and then go mad with frustration waiting to get the next one). Do these books gain something when looked at from an atheist perspective? When I read them I was still very, very Christian.


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