Friday, shortly after starting this group, I sent an email to Dr. Robert Price (aka The Bible Geek). I think it's a long shot, but how cool would it be to have Bob Price participating in some discussions on the Bible and religious history with us?

By the way, I apologize for not having some good topics posted yet. I'm still tied up with work for a couple of more days, but as soon as I'm in the clear I'll get the ball rolling. If anyone is interested in anything in particular (endtime prophecy, questionable histories, etc.) just let me know. Better yet, start a discussion!

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I've listened to several Robert M Price interviews on "Point of Inquiry with DJ Grothe". Somewhere during the interview he always makes me laugh out loud. I just love his sense of humour! It would be great if he'd join us here occasionally.
The Infidel Guy has several podcasts featuring Dr. Price titled "The Bible Geek." Those are worth checking out if you're interested in hearing him ramble on about theology and religious history for an hour or so. There's lots of good stuff in those shows.

As of yet, Dr. Price hasn't gotten back to me. After this weekend, I'll send him another email.
I haven't really heard much from him and haven't really kept up with his show over the last several months. Robert Price has gone on to create his own podcast at I've considered contacting him to be a guest on The Chariots of Iron, but I'd like to have read a couple of his books first. I'm only familiar with his audio work and essays.




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