I would love to hear about others' research methods. I really don't research, per se. At least not to the calibre I would like to. I kind of worm around the web, tossing what doesn't seem credible over my shoulder. I also read a book time and again. I would love to have a stronger approach. Anyone willing to share theirs? Do you subscribe to scientific journals? Do you pay for access to a journal database, or multiple?

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I used to have access to lexusnexus, but I haven't for a while, so most of the researching I do is through free mediums.  I like wiki because the references in articles are excellent jumping off points as well.  Usually, for me, when I get bored I just start reading random articles, then clicking links as I come across things I don't know.  thats one of my favorite pass times, just learning random stuff.  I'll elaborate more later, I guess.


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