Doing secular volunteer work for the good of humanity is one of the best ways that we can spread the word that nonbelievers are good people too.  

I would like to be a part of a parallel effort to Habitat for Humanity.  What should it be called and how can we get it off the ground?  Some ideas:  Secular Housing Inititiative?  Homes for Humans?  Humans helping Humans?  Raising Humanity (I quite like this one)?  

Thoughts from others on this would be most appreciated !

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Wow, I had no idea until now that Habitat for Humanity was a christian organization. Just based on the name, I had always just assumed it was secular.

That said, I'd really like to see a secular parallel to this, but I have no idea what you could call since the best name that would suit it was co-opted by a religious group.
Honestly, I don't care for it. It sounds a little too close to "Raising Arizona", that Nicholas Cage movie from 1987. I get where you're going with it, a sort of reference to raising a barn and what not, but it just doesn't sit right for some reason.
I really like green building projects like KU's Studio 804:
We could just try to raise money for projects like Studio 804.

Also, I believe it is not possible to address both the homelessness problem and the lack of affordable housing without addressing social justice. One of the biggest social justice issues is the Drug War, which has to end some day. The Drug War dehumanizes people and creates crime.
Homes for Homo sapiens sapiens? A bit verbose, perhaps...


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