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Nebraska trying to organise despite wide open distances

There were several people in Lincoln today meeting about trying to organise a state chapter of the SCA in Nebraska. Organising people over…

Started by James Kz

1 Jan 19, 2013
Reply by Joan Denoo

Prayer god and Veterans Admin

Here we go, this may spur a conversation...I am a disabled vet and am offended at constantly hearing "No athiests in foxholes" .....     ht…

Started by mike h.

3 Oct 23, 2012
Reply by James Kz

The Good News Club or Truth Seekers Club

This organization is a very serious threat to a "Secular Nation."  These people are using our tax dollars to go into school buildings after…

Started by Jeff Dempsey

1 Jun 27, 2012
Reply by James M. Martin

Launching A Campaign Against My City To Stop Prayer Before Council Meetings

I live in Southern, Ohio and the Bible-Belt runs strong through the hills in our community.  I frequent many city council meetings because…

Started by Jeff Dempsey

5 Jun 17, 2012
Reply by Jeff Dempsey

If the Tea Party Reps Believe God Runs the Government, Why are We Paying Them Good Salaries for Whining?

"The U.S. House of Representatives, on November 1st, passed…a concurrent resolution reaffirming 'In God We Trust' as the national motto.  R…

Started by Garaidh Mac an tSaoir

0 Nov 27, 2011

Senator Durbin asking Religions to Lobby...

Clearly against the law, but has his excuses/justifications. What a joke, and should be taken seriously. Guess we need to do something abou…

Started by mike h.

0 Jul 12, 2011

Jindal - Show your birth certificate!

Bobby Jindal should not be allowed to be a candidate for the second highest seat in the nation. Read more:

Started by David Rosman

0 May 21, 2011

We haven't had a Freethinker on the Supreme Court since 1877

We haven't had a Freethinker on the Supreme Court since 1877   Demand Freethinkers on Court room benche…

Started by Jose

0 May 15, 2011

Deceptive anti-evolution education bill passes in Tennessee House of Reps, onto Senate...

I hate mass-posting things, but I'm VERY concerned about this.  It's a pressing issue for the children and educators of Tennessee.   House…

Started by Cody Gaisser

3 Apr 18, 2011
Reply by Matt Taylor

America's Math Score: 25th. In The World

I don't understand why Richard Dawkins, a topnotch teaching professor of evolution is so excoriated and targeted by so many Christian right…

Started by Lary9

0 Apr 16, 2011


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