I don't understand why Richard Dawkins, a topnotch teaching professor of evolution is so excoriated and targeted by so many Christian righties. He's a really nice guy... he's thoroughly understanding and patient [except on repeated failures to grasp basic evo-ideas]. He's not the raging, evil egotist he's portrayed as so often.

Huxley's Hubris! What a total disconnect between "them" and "us". It's cause is undoubtedly located in educational disparity, influenced by heavy doses of fundamentalist Christianity. Over 60% of the U.S. population is lagging behind on math and science--- and proud of it! Is it possible that when large numbers of citizens fall behind in science, a country swings rapidly to the right? Is it even possible to sustain a 21st. Century democracy without these modern cognitive skills?   

Let's look at history. The positive correlation between economic stagnation and science illiteracy is usually very high. In fact, it's not even remotely realistic to expect bankers, advert agencies and talk show hosts to create a vibrant, responsive economy and the liberty it confers unassisted. It's as improbable as a single parent mother country. I'm not minimizing the contributions of the arts and humanities, but can they pull the entire cultural wagonload alone?

America today ranks 25th. in the world in math and science. Can we 'lobby' America back to national integrity and restore native enthusiasm for science? If not, then we'll we need to encourage the entire city of Beijing to emigrate and bring their scientific calculators.

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