Here we go, this may spur a conversation...I am a disabled vet and am offended at constantly hearing "No athiests in foxholes" .....

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I made a few comments.

I recently received from the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), an organization in which I am a Life Member (40 yrs.) asking me to donate again in 2012 to the Commander's Club. In the paperwork there was a prayer card asking god to protect and heal all disabled american veterans and current service men and woman. I was asked to sign it and return it so that it could be presented to a wounded service person. I immediately terminated my membership in the "Commander's Club" and advised it's leader that I was an atheist and also considered myself to be a "Foxhole Atheist" and that I was insulted by his taking for granted that I was some sought of god believer. I have not heard back from him. If I do, I will attempt to have him admonished from continuing this practice by the DAV.

I am also a life member of the Disabled American Veterans. Perhaps a letter-writing campaign to the DAV from atheist/agnostic/non-Christian members of the organisation might help here.

As for the American Legion, the Legion Hall here wouldn't have me.


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