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Secular humanism is a comprehensive, nonreligious lifestance incorporating: a naturalistic philosophy; a cosmic outlook rooted in science; and a consequentialist ethical system

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Council for Secular Humanism

If you’ve rejected traditional religion (or were never religious to start), you may be asking, “Is that all there is?” It’s liberating to recognize that supernatural beings are human creations … that there’s no such thing as “spirit” … that people are undesigned, unintended, and responsible for themselves.

But what’s next?

For many, mere atheism (the absence of belief in gods and the supernatural) or agnosticism (the view that such questions cannot be answered) aren’t enough.

Atheism and agnosticism are silent on larger questions of values and meaning. If Meaning in life is not ordained from on high, what small-m meanings can we work out among ourselves? If eternal life is an illusion, how can we make the most of our only lives? As social beings sharing a godless world, how should we coexist?

For the questions that remain unanswered after we’ve cleared our minds of gods and souls and spirits, many atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and freethinkers turn to secular humanism.

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What Is Secular Humanism?
What Are Secular Humanist Values?
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The CFI Virtual Community:

When you can't make it to an event...

We know it's not always possible to make it to a CFI event, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out!  CFI has a thriving online community where the free thinking never stops.

CFI's YouTube Channel

CFI has been granted a coveted YouTube nonprofit channel which is allowing us to make available hundreds of hours of CFI programming for FREE without the standard 10-minute-content-limit reloading frustrations.  You'll find program listings on our own CFI Digital Media page or you can go directly to our CFI YouTube channel.  If you'd like, you can subscribe to the CFI channel and you'll be notified every time we add a new program to the list.

CFI's Podcast: "Point of Inquiry" 

Point of Inquiry is the premiere radio show and podcast of the Center for Inquiry featuring the leading minds of the day, including Nobel Prize-winning scientists, public intellectuals, social critics, and renowned entertainers.  You can listen to the episodes on your computer, copy them to a CD for your car or home stereo, or download them to your iPod or MP3 player, in addition to hearing the show on a few dozen campus and community radio stations across North America.

This week on Point of Inquiry:  Thomas J.J. Altizer - "The Death of God"

CFI's Blog: "Freethinking"

Check out our new blog, Freethinking.  Regular contributors include Ron Lindsay (CFI's new CEO), Tom Flynn (ED of CSH and editor of Free Inquiry magazine), Joe Nickell and Ben Radford (CSI Investigators Extraordinaire), and many others.

CFI's Discussion Forum

If you're looking for more of a two-way discussion, the CFI Forum is the place for you.  You'll find lots of different topics where you can jump right in and join the free thinking and debating.  Meet other people from all over the world who share your values and participate in CFI's "virtual community" online.

Discussion Forum

Point of Inquiry Podcast

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Paul Kurtz, 1925-2012

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The Affirmations of Humanism: A Statement of Principles

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From the website. I like these affirmations. We are committed to the application…Continue

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