Female Bonobos Brag During Social-Climbing Sex

When female bonobos join a new group, they will do anything to get with the "it" crowd — which often means having sex with the alpha female.

And according to new research, females of this promiscuous primate species who are climbing the social ladder will advertise their successes during sex by calling out, especially when their partner is of higher status or when the alpha female is in the audience.

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Look, can you keep a lid on this bonobo stuff?  It's bad enough we have "Desperate Housewives" on ABC.  Next thing you know, we'll have "Desperate Bonobos" on National Geographic! [grin!]

I don't call out during sex with alpha females, but I might do some name dropping in appropriate circles...


My God, I look just like her!

Gee, I never noticed that James.


...as opposed to Kardashians, who start a RealiTV show...



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