It came into my store today and I thought to myself "Self, what would it be like to talk about this book with people who don't freak out at the premise?"

Any other mind-in-the-gutter bibliophiles here?

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Havent read it yet, just finished (in one night) "snuff" which was excellent! Cant wait to read Choke!, hugh!?
My clipboard must have gotten the copy-and-pastes crossed. I'll fix the link.
I often get my reading list from my movie list. But I missed this movie and the reviews aren't anything special. I usually prefer reading a story in the movie--book order, as opposed to the book--movie order. Usually the book ruins the movie, because it's so much better.

Did you by any chance see the movie?
I have read all of chuck's books up through rant. I need to read snuff and pygmy yet (and his new one that is coming out) but Choke is my second favorite, after fight club, of course. if you haven't read it yet, read invisible monsters, which is fucking phenomenal and after which the band Panic! at the Disco based nearly their entire first album.

Perhaps my favorite thing about chuck's writing is the whole double agenda: the plot plus the "do-it-yourself," "learn-at-home" writing. In FC it was how to make homemade explosives; in choke, it was all medical knowledge; survivor's tips revolve around how to clean blood, urine, or semen from any surface or material imaginable, etc.

The dude is a genius.
One of my favorite Authors!



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