Poor douchebag supreme Donny Osmond. He's afraid that kids might see Lady Gaga's naughty bits. 

My favorite quote:

I'm all for freedom of speech and against any form of censorship, but all I know is that I'm a parent and I'm upset about this.

Ah yes, the old I'm a <insert favorable stereotype>, but line. No, asswipe. Fuck you.You're not for freedom of speech and against censorship, you're for self-censorship instead of responsible parenting. Self-censorship is a form of censorship, you ass. If you don't like something, don't let your kids watch it. Let other people worry about their kids. If they're responsible parents, they won't let their kids see anything they're opposed to either. Fuck off with your Mormon retardation. Prick. </rant>

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Ah, media feces, sweetest of the transition poops.

I get my media online, where you can pick and choose what you want to be exposed to. My daughter, born four months hence, will have no real concept of TV as TV, since we don't watch any.

To be fair, I think you should call the media much more on the violence aspect, as even a simple nipple, of which almost everyone has at least two, can be considered a huge scandal worthy event should it be seen on the so called 'boob tube'. Perhaps we should worry more about the glorification of violence than sexual content. I find people become much more upset when you beat on them rather than provide an orgasm.

Also, if that's your real hair, it is *fantastic*! Totally unrelated but needs to be said ^_^

Have a great day!
Thanx... :)

It's wonderful that your daughter will have no real concept of TV... though, as a parent, myself, with exactly the same aspirations when our children were that young, you are probably going to have to constantly compromise such a goal as your children grow and, in their natural ignorance and naivete, find ways to be like their peers in following and likewise becoming corrupted by that same Media, whether you like it or not, whether you even know or not.

In today's Media-saturated culture in which such Media is increasingly more and more socially irresponsible, no matter how good a parent you are or how great your intentions, unless you abusively lock your children away, there is no way to protect them from the overwhelmingly seductive and unfathomably destructive messages that praise and glorify any and all forms of the greatest and most depraved forms of pride, selfishness and self-gratification filling our movies, music, Internet, and all the proliferating electronic means of accessing all such.

You will also find that the more disgusting it continually gets out in the real world... defended by the likes of this thread's author... it becomes more and more unjust and unfair that as more and more sewage rains down upon all of us, we who still value our higher natures must more and more hide ourselves and our children away so as not to become drenched and saturated in all such. And in this manner, more and more of that which used to be found and confined to the metaphorical dark alleyways and sewers of our Society now overflows freely into our streets and... no matter how clean we try to keep our houses... is tracked into our homes every time we come in from that world.

And there is not Thing One we can do about it while more and more are converted and addicted by such sewage, praising it while spewing vile invectives on anyone and everyone who dares speak out against it.

But... hey... good luck! :)
We're planning on a fairly nonstandard life. We'll be homeschooling, as members of an intentional community, so their peers will be in a very similar situation.

I do feel and have always felt that it's the job of the parents to take responsibility for their kids media intake. We don't intend to hold back on the realities of the world, we plan to always be as honest as possible with her, including on matters sexual. I'm not sure that sex does anywhere near as much harm as demonizing it and elevating innocence to some mystical standard.
Absolutely true... Sex should never be demonized. I am not at all attempting nor advocating the replacement of one extreme with another. My problem is that, again in our current Society, we are left with little else but that opposite extreme preached constantly and without any responsibility in the Media of sex and violence being the "kewl" panacea and answer to everything.
Jeez, Khemin, apocalyptic much? Take a deep breath. People are pretty much like they've always been, and popular entertainment has always been in the gutter. Have you ever read Shakespeare? Awfully condescending of you to assume we wouldn't understand you. We do. We just aren't as jumpy as you seem to be.

People gain empathy from an understanding that other people are just like them. This is something that they learn from their parents or from simple observation if they are paying any attention at all. And this lesson is infinitely repeated in (gasp!) the popular media. Or perhaps you've never noticed the Golden Rule moralizing common to most sitcoms and dramas on TV and in the movies. An over-the-top Lady Gaga or Quentin Tarantino video with hammy sex and violence is not going to induce anybody to murder. That sort of behavior comes from desperation, mental illness, cruel treatment, or religious delusion. You overestimate the power of popular entertainments. Most people know the real world has consequences, and in fact, most people are quite well-behaved.
Well put. I agree.
That's the catch to freedom of speech...if it doesn't allow things that make us puke, it isn't really freedom of speech. So when people criticize the media (and I have definitely seen some things I think are retarded and demeaning..."lovely lady lumps" for instance?) I wonder what do they want done about it? Do they want to censor it, or are they just fighting what they don't like by speaking out about it? If I don't like something or its message I usually think the best thing to do is say why I think it's stupid or demeaning, rather than trying to ban it (which usually serves to make it all the more famous).

When it comes to expressions of sexuality, some are seen as demeaning and some are seen as empowering--on one hand there's the "women are being treated as objects" and on the other hand there's the "women are liberating themselves by celebrating their sexuality" and it's so subjective. I remember Fiona Apple complaining about the objectification of women, even though she had a video where she was seen sliding around in underwear among a bunch of different me. This is a perfect example of "but that's different, that was done in an empowering way" and it's silly to me.

I have been upset by some violent things I've seen in the media (even as an adult), but also, children were exposed to much more violence and cruelty in earlier times. I don't know, maybe they all had PTSD from it, but sometimes I think that sheltering kids only makes them traumatized by lesser things.
Yeah... I know... what I've just said has most likely gone over the heads of most here as it dares to directly criticize the sewage being daily ladled out to each of you, and to our naive younger generations, by that same Media and greedily wolfed down by most of you... because you have been stupidly convinced that it's delicious,...

Wow, way to blanket-patronize most everyone on this forum.

Yeah, there is a lot of shite being served to us under the label of 'music,' 'entertainment.' On the other hand, a lot of stuff deemed truly artful in the long run started out being labeled as shite by someone else (Elvis, Beetles, the Doors). The whole point of free speech is to let the people decide.

And to that end, the parents should be the parents. Sure there was stuff when I was growing up that Mom and Dad weren't crazy about letting me see. But the way they dealt with it? I was taught sex ed at a very, very early age. They would watch whatever controversial movie/show with me and talk with me about it. They'd ask me how I felt about this or that element, make sure I understood the difference between fantasy and reality. Question whether I'm liking it because it's popular or because I genuinely like it. Rather than send me out of the room because it's forbidden fruit, I'd leave on my own (albeit with lots of encouraging and coaching on my own), thinking "Wow, that movie was kind of dumb and pointless."

Much like Gaga's video. It's a comically overblown issue of Vogue. There are elements I find interesting, mostly it makes me channel surf to see if there's anything better on.

Then there are some gangsta rap videos that I sincerely wish would curl up and die. Celebrities should take moral responsibility as the role models they are. But in the absence of that, it's up to parents to be the parents.

There. See? Easy to say and without labeling 'most' people on this site as either intellectually or artistically beneath me.
I dont see what the problem is Khemin....MY kids LOVE the video!
:D This is possibly the greatest single threadstarter I've read on this site.
She's a Mormon?
I know, I was being bad.



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