Poor douchebag supreme Donny Osmond. He's afraid that kids might see Lady Gaga's naughty bits. 

My favorite quote:

I'm all for freedom of speech and against any form of censorship, but all I know is that I'm a parent and I'm upset about this.

Ah yes, the old I'm a <insert favorable stereotype>, but line. No, asswipe. Fuck you.You're not for freedom of speech and against censorship, you're for self-censorship instead of responsible parenting. Self-censorship is a form of censorship, you ass. If you don't like something, don't let your kids watch it. Let other people worry about their kids. If they're responsible parents, they won't let their kids see anything they're opposed to either. Fuck off with your Mormon retardation. Prick. </rant>

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I have cookies stockpiled just for such occasions.
Seriously? Marie wouldn't cancel a show the day after her son's funeral? That is majorly fucked up.
Sounds more like a denial process.
More like "I want sympathy from the masses" process.
MaleficVtwin scores the correct answer! PRG however has an answer mot all together "incorrect"!
Is there any thing more pathetic than the Osmonds?? And any one under 60 who like them??

did i type that out loud?? was that too judgemental, or elitist??
Do you think people pull shit like this for attention?
...and they called it... puppy loo-ooo-ooo-oove...
That's disgusting!

Now if it were a Jackson Five poster, that would be another story.
What is a 'real' religion?



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