Poor douchebag supreme Donny Osmond. He's afraid that kids might see Lady Gaga's naughty bits. 

My favorite quote:

I'm all for freedom of speech and against any form of censorship, but all I know is that I'm a parent and I'm upset about this.

Ah yes, the old I'm a <insert favorable stereotype>, but line. No, asswipe. Fuck you.You're not for freedom of speech and against censorship, you're for self-censorship instead of responsible parenting. Self-censorship is a form of censorship, you ass. If you don't like something, don't let your kids watch it. Let other people worry about their kids. If they're responsible parents, they won't let their kids see anything they're opposed to either. Fuck off with your Mormon retardation. Prick. </rant>

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Not that this has *anything* whatsoever to do with the story, but that man's forehead is freakishly large. He's a fake scar away from frankenstein's monster every halloween.

Also, 100% agree. Why do people try to make it *everyone else's* job to raise their kids?
I'm just disgusted with the way they assume they have the right to tell everyone what they can and can't do because a kid *might* see it. Hell, why don't we all just stay home under a blanket all day with the lights off. That way we can't upset any kids.
Oh, I'm sure I can find something to do under a blanket they don't want their kids seeing ^_^
Technically if you're at home you don't need to do it under a blanket.......just sayin'.....
I get cold? *^_^*
Oh. Then by all means...... :)
nuh uh, a kid might be looking in the window!
He looks like a Seth Mcfarlane character.
Now, now. I think you guys are misinterpreting poor ol' Donny. He's not worried about obscenity. He's afraid that his children will get some rudimentary sex education from a Lady Gaga vid. Like for example, the difference between having a penis and not having one. And as every Mormon knows, sex education is something that should only ever be done between an uncle and his niece on their wedding night. Or between an uncle and his many, many nieces, as the case may be.
So, a really glitzy fake poisoning scene is graphic violence? Zombie jesus, what is wrong with people? And Donny Osmond has a radio show? Why? WHY?
"Zombie Jesus!" Good swear. I shall have to adopt it.
Yet again, I shall swim upstream a bit on this issue.

Being a parent aside, I, as just a Human being, am becoming more and more disgusted and concerned in having to watch at how our Society is self-destructing through ever-increasing forms of glorified violence and violent sex filling every aspect of the media and then reflected by the ever-increasing forms of violence and violent sexual crimes being perpetrated by those who find such more and more acceptable... thanks at least in part to that very same Media glorification hiding behind all such as "Freedom of Speech"!

It's easy for someone to light off a round of ghetto-gutter expletives against those who are getting sick of seeing the worst and the most base of Human nature being glorified and turned into the "heroes" and "heroines" that the next generation of even more depraved Human beings have to "look up" to. It's easy for you to slam someone who has the guts to stand up amid all the horror we find glutting our music, movies, and advertising and call it for what it is: sewage masquerading as "freedom of speech."

Yes... we do have free speech. But with every freedom comes a corresponding social and legal responsibility, which is why you can't yell "fire" in a crowded building and then smirk as people trample themselves to death... and then cry "free speech" when forced to answer for the carnage your actions have directly or indirectly caused. So also, the more music and movies today glorify as "kewl" acts of murder, violence, death and destruction, as does this latest music video, the more of exactly such will all those wanting to be "kewl" commit. And the more all of us become both its slaves and its victims.

So yes... I have seen in the past few decades this society descend into greater and greater depths of heart-wrenching cruelty, violence and depravity against us all. And I've also watched as all these depraved "artists" in the media are always right there "pushing the envelope," as it is so snidely and disingenuously called, in dragging us as a country and culture further and further down that road of destruction into the darkest sewers of depravity and indifference to Human emotion and suffering... all to turn a fast buck on the growing and inestimable stupidity of this Society that, even as it cuts its own throat, screams that it has the "freedom" to do so and to everyone in it and that anyone who tries to raise a warning cry should just shut up.

Yeah... I know... what I've just said has most likely gone over the heads of most here as it dares to directly criticize the sewage being daily ladled out to each of you, and to our naive younger generations, by that same Media and greedily wolfed down by most of you... because you have been stupidly convinced that it's delicious, despite the nausea you feel inside until you've become so acclimated to such sewage that it almost... almost... doesn't even bother you anymore. And in exactly this manner, the tender emotions, empathy, kindness and caring we all used to feel and express becomes instead something to be disdained and replaced with more and more grotesque expressions of rage, lust, anger, and depravity. And as such grows, Society collectively becomes infected and sickened by all such... slowly being destroyed from within, as we see happening more and more each and every day.

And so, deliberately oblivious, most of you wipe the leftover traces of media-created feces from your mouths and exclaim with filth-caked lips, "Mmmm... delicious! More please?!"



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