Guys, if you suffer from chronic ED, don't just pop Viagra. See your doctor, even if you haven't been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease! This study followed up for 2.2 years.

The authors found that, among men without known CVD, those with severe versus no ED had a relative 35% increase in risk of hospitalization for all CVDs, and a relative 93% increased risk of all-cause mortality. Among men with known CVD at baseline and severe ED, their increased risk of hospitalization for all CVDs combined was a relative 64% and for all-cause mortality, 137%.

The researchers say: "The findings of this study highlight the need to consider ED in relation to the risk of a wide range of CVDs." They also stress that it is unlikely that ED causes CVD; rather both are caused by similar underlying causes such as atherosclerosis. As a result, ED could serve as a useful marker to identify men who should undergo further testing to assess their risk for CVD. [emphasis mine]

Increasing Severity of Erectile Dysfunction Is a Marker for Increas...

I apologize if thinking about this makes your ED worse.

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I had ED several years ago, which I simply blamed on approaching old age. Later, I was diagnosed as having prostate cancer. I don't know if that was the real cause.



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