I was recently alerted to the fact that these exist, and are quite the rage. 


Shouldn't they just be called sex reveal parties?  Or genital reveal parties?   Making such a big deal over gender and stereotypical gender bullshit is irritating to my genderqueer sensibilities.


What do you think?




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I am gender free, religion free, child free.
If guys want to take their skirt off to show their penises to each other, let'em, but it doesn't make'em female! With this modern definition of gender... one does not "reveal" gender, one "performs"  it. :)

I knew you would have an opinion on this.  Is this kind of thing happening in Canada?


LOL, and being hated and called Bigot for it too... !
No parties yet that I've heard of, but I'm not really "in that loop"... you know... Canadians don't party so hard as Americans ;)

But in the news, penised humans have really been taking over vagina spaces. A conference on "women's issues" last year in the very progressive Montreal disallowed the topic of menstruation because it was discriminatory to transgendered MtF's... and there's a lot of that stuff going on. I've been reading lots of about the growing riff between Gs and Ts, versus Bs and Ls. The LGBTQetcetera moniker it seems is being pulled apart as vaginas come to understand that no matter the sexual orientation of penises... they exhibit comparable levels of sexism and misogyny. In the extremes of sexual orientation, there is a tendency to fully embrace "gender roles" as a lifestyle, which is something I have shied away from my entire life. I've always considered "gender" (as the modern definition seems to go) to be an insult to human intelligence. Clothing and hairdoes and makeup do not define us, they are but accessories.

I've been following the politics of radical lesbians quite a lot lately. It is absolutely fascinating to me, and really hits home.

Yes.  We have touched on this before.   I haven't lost any vagina space to the Ts, but that is likely due to living in Texas, and aided further by the fact that I would not be at a women's issues conference:)  


I really don't have riffs with any of the LGBTQ.   But you make great points.  . 







What are your thoughts on the Cotton Ceiling?

Just so we start out understanding, you are speaking of the idea that, while gay women posture as accepting of transwomen, they don't see them as viable sexual partners?

indeed... and all variations thereof. The concept uses those words, but I would propose that all sexual orientations who "posture as accepting" as you say, fall short of a "viable sexual partner", not just lesbians. Will a "accepting" heterosexual male consider a male with an inverted penis to be a viable sexual partner? So many questions around this.
Heck, I hardly consider blonds as "viable sexual partners"! There are extremely few people on earth whom I consider "viable sexual partners", even though I love sex! :)

I doubt many hererosexual men would consider another male a viable sexual partner, regardless of what is under the clothes.  I would, if I found a particular T to be attractive, not have any problem with anatomical differences.   The fact that I am attracted to women has nothing to do with genitals.  But I am pretty sexually adventurous.  As long as there was some attraction, and my partner has a touch that I like, I am willing to give it a try. 

But what do you think of the concept of the cotton ceiling. What do you think of a lesbian who does not want to have sex with a penis. Because that's where we're at, the new trend in this transgender religion is that no surgery is required, and some transgenders have lady-penises.

Would you call that person a bigot, because that's where the debate in the real world is going.

Does a lesbian have the freedom to not have sex with a penis and not be called a bigot?

I think transpeople have a lot to go through during transitioning and that if they want to celebrate the end result, that's their business. I have to say that a new friend of mine is getting their* paperwork together so that in this country (Japan), they will be treated legally as a female. They will save up and will likely be undergoing an operation next year, or the year after. There will be some issues they have to consider up until then... For instance, in Japan, we have public baths and hot springs. They tend to be separated by sex. My friend will soon look, for all intents and purposes due to hormone therapy, female, save for their penis. So, it would not be safe for them to go into either bath. They are a teacher, so they also have to transition slowly due to the conservative nature of our prefecture. They may need to change school districts or move altogether, though they like living in our town. This is all aside from the physical and psychological challenges that creep up with transitioning. Needless to say, between discussions with them and other trans and bigendered friends of mine, I've come to rally to support them even more. I have heard my friend be called a thing by other people, which pissed me the hell off. This was from people who would otherwise be very supportive of the LGB, but I guess not T movement. So yeah, transpeople have a lot to go through whether they transition through medical treatment, operation, or not. One of my bigendered friends shows their male side through drag. Another bigendered friend of mine keeps online personas female and RL persona male. Each person is different, no matter where they are on the scale, whether it be gender, sex, or what have you.

*I use "they" because it's easier for me to regard right now... My friend was introduced to me as a male and is living as a male until they get their paperwork all clear, for the purposes of keeping the workplace safe and peaceful. Once they have wiped the maleness from their life, I'll switch to the feminine, as is their request.

It's nice to consider the world as a gender-free place, and I think that there are people who go against the grain or mock up whatever the heck they want to: I'm probably not too far off the mark. I can be very girly-girl, but I'm also into traditionally male oriented interests, like sumo and metalsmithing. Whatever... I really don't see that as a gender thing, and make-up is not quite as much a girl thing anymore, is it? I never wear the stuff, unless I have a photo op or something. Heck, we have photos later today, and I've not brought anything to put on my face. Whatevs.

The other thing you might want to consider is that biology isn't cut and dry M/F. There was recently a man in China who found out he was actually female. He's still living life as a male. There are people who are born and it's a toss up what sex they are.. There are people who have extra X chromosomes, so though they are biologically male, they are very feminine. Also, our brains can show gender that does not match our sex.

So, rather than saying gender is something of a sociological advent, I'd propose that there are an array of gender-types, and if you don't fit the mold of what society declares, then that's just fine. Be who you are.

TNT666, I think it's great that you can put aside gender. I think it was a mistake of the women's event in Montreal to not include menstruation or any other female-biological topic. We should talk about menstruation, puberty, as well as menopause and also trans-women's biological issues as well!

Transwomen's issues should not belittle ciswomen's issues, nor vice versa. Celebrate who you are.

Sorry for the novel.

Thanks, Nerdlass. Good response.

I put aside gender as I've put aside religion, there is no difference. Religion is a psychological delusion. Reproductive organs are biological organs. Gender dysphoria is mental health issue which with a high correlation to narcissism.
You may be too young to remember this, but there was a time with people with mental issues were put under a scalpel, physical surgeries do not heal mental conditions... Lobotomies.

And please do not misrepresent scientific knowledge by claiming some sort of "fluidity" between reproductive organ phenotypes. Close to 99% of the population has clearly male or female reproductive organs with the appropriate chromosomal XX or XY. Those who don't, fall in a very rare medical anomaly, either a chromosomal medical condition or a phenotypically ambiguous genitalia. Both are rare. Gender is just a religion, one that atheists should not drink the koolaid, there is no female or male brain. As for that conference, well yes, that would be great, but as it stands, that is the trend. ANY discussion of female issues that is not relevant to a transgender MtW gets called exclusive. It's not "just a mistake", it's the actual social trend with transgender people. And no, I don't think a female biology conference needs to address prostrate issues or testicular cancer. Those are male issues. Females are only just beginning to receive proper medical treatment without penises controlling everything, it's not time to give up before we even get there.

As for the moniker "cis", I have met almost no "cis" females. I've worn a skirt/dress a dozen days in my life, worn makeup less than 1% of my time on earth, and have usually worked in environments where there were many males. "cis" is a ridiculous moniker, there is nothing "cis" about me, nor about the majority of females I know, and I am insulted for all the females who are also not "cis". It's a term that brings nothing good to the conversation. Trans folks are pushing gender stereotypes, feminists are attempting to slash gender stereotypes, we are working at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

And the day where penises are fully integrated into female sporting events, I hope females boycott the Olympics.



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