I had another sex dream about Data and my best friend had to go to the hospital.

I still wonder if it's god punishing me...

Fighting this old tape again.


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Oh yes, your crap god is punishing you for sure! You need a much better god. Can I suggest Uggabooga, my berry, berry best god. Ugga, will make your dreams even sexier and have a happy, wet ending.
I can't really imagine what it's like although sometimes I had superstitions about karma or being cursed when bad things kept happening.

Anyway, god isn't punishing you. It wouldn't make sense to hurt someone's friend and put them in the hospital when you want to punish someone else. It's awfully indirect.
For the first decade and a half after getting my driver's license, exactly every 3 years, just as my auto insurance was about to go down for a good driving record, I would get into a no-fault accident. "No-fault" meaning just that, neither driver's fault, but it still jacks up your insurance rates.

The last one happened literally on the 3 year date, while I specifically was driving to the insurance office to see how much my rates would go down.

Really tempting to believe that reincarnation/karma exists and I was a reckless driver in a previous life; paying for it in this one.
I appreciate that last reply.

Anyway, after being intimate with my bf on my day off, Wed., Thur., a local thunderstorm hit us and I was again afraid that (after finally psyching up to have s*x with bf) God was striking me down with His wrath.

oh, boy.

I mean, thank you all for your replies.

I didn't get any emails about them, just one about one reply.




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