Hello, it's been a while since I went on here.

I got sick again.

Since I was on 4 courses of antibiotics for extensive dental work, I got a very stubborn yeast infection (female) and again, my echoes from my religious upbringing were assaulting me, saying, "This is what happens when you do the 'nasty' (sex)"

I know better.

the infection was from the antibiotics. 4 courses.

Not from sex.

But I got really scared again that it was an unknowable punishment from a deity.

I stuck very close to my atheist roommate this week and stayed far away from 12 step programs.

that helped.

I am hanging on for dear life to facts and knowlegde and science, instead of superstition.

I feel better today.


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The doctor(s) should be discussing possible methods of preventing yeast infections when prescribing so many courses of antibiotics. You may have to speak up and ask them too (if you're not having any luck on your own). Some women, also, are just more prone to these things than others.
Having more answers and control can also help keep the dark superstition at bay.
Like someone was saying...yeast infections. Because there is no god.

Damn things are so easy to get and so hard to get rid of.
I did mention to the dentist about so much antibiotic and he didn't even acknowledge it. He just said, "come back in a week and if your tooth isn't better, I will change the antibiotic."

And I don't know how many doctors really know about this.

I sometimes think they dismiss it largely because often it is a female issue.




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