All my youth, I was very tomboy, played with the boys and their toys. During my teens my play with boys turned from gravel pits and Tonka trucks to body parts, but... I was still playing with boys, and not dating.

And although I menstruated at the average age of 13.1 yrs, my female body parts were very inconspicuous til much later in life, and even then...

So I thought my brain was still male orientated... well... not according to this BBC test... I'm mostly female! ha ha ha

I even prefer female faces over males faces :)  Well ok, that's no surprise, considering the number of times I've fallen for gay guys! (the test does provide an explanation for that though).

Anyway, sure, I usually bitch that such tests are scientifically pretty meaningless, but this one is fun, and takes less than a quarter hour.

BBC Sex ID... Find out how your mind works.

Enjoy :)

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I dunno, but I'm the girl in most relationships I've been in.


Don't have the time to take the test right now.  I'll try it later.


You know, it's made me wonder though, we often speak of infants/children being pigeon-holed by dumb parents, and religious parents, into being 100% their sex... "boys will wear blue and play with trucks, girls will wear pink and play with dolls". But I wonder... we can also be pigeon-holed into the opposite! As a youth I was so put off by female silliness that I did everything to not associate with females and nurtured my male side... so I pigeon-holed myself into being a tomboy maybe? I know in the past decade or so, I've been reconnecting with my 'female side', but it's constantly in conflict with my tomboy reflexes... my parents were atheists, and were always insulted by the catholic school system in which we were forced many years ago. Their only option would have been to move to a different place, but they stuck with the family core. In the end, Quebec went from being most religious, to least religious, so it was probably a good choice to stick it out.


I wouldn't take this too seriously, but it was fun. I scored a 25 / Male.  I think it is a bit dangerous (or perhaps counter-productive) to classify these traits as male or female, as people tend to want to rebel against classifying themselves as the opposite gender. But I know they are talking about generalities and averages here.

My result on this test is amusing: Voila, I'm a woman! I can't wait to tell my girlfriend about this, especially since we've both been judged by previous spouses & partners as over-sexed. So I guess that from this test I could describe myself as an over-sexed male with a woman's mind? Or at least a highly-developed feminine side? (I scored a 50 on the female side.) Perhaps one weakness in this test is that it fails to take age into consideration. For example, I know that in my 30's, testosterone was much more dominant in my behaviors. Now that I'm 70, the hormone-fueled fires in me have abated somewhat (thankfully).

Yep indeed :)

It seems a whole lot of tests in society disregard age unfortunately. I was recently going through career reorientation tests and my agent was seeing a lot of quirky results in my tests. It's not only our hormonal makeup that changes, but we've also a lifetime of experience compensating for our shortcomings :)

Apparently, I'm as masculine as most men. I suppose I could have guessed as much.


I scored 25 on the male side.  I'm good with angles and 3-D shapes.

I love these kinds of tests. Of course, they are not really scientific. I always score firmly in the female side. The incidents of my birth are not representative of my reality.



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