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Now women can have plastic looking genitalia. What an advertisement for how comfortable you are in your own body. What's next, a complete do-over for total Barbie-body?

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More unnecessary surgery for women who don't feel "adequate", beautiful, or "normal" as they are, thanks to society and what media tells us should be normal.  One must be very insecure to go through something so gross AND silly.  I have bigger things to worry about.

That article is biased, starting with the assumption that this is completely wrong and figuring out who to "blame".

Nobody is forcing this on anyone. Many men like the young, clean vagina look, so who are we to judge? This must be less harmful long-term than breast implants (which I personally think aesthetically is even more disgusting than this). Labia implants to make them larger, for example, I would agree is a terrible idea.

All plastic surgery is unnecessary but this is one I actually could see getting behind, and possibly even having done myself if I wasn't already a little past my prime :)

The problem is that I think they're mostly marketing it to women who weren't like that to begin with.  It's expressing the opinion that there's something wrong with having anything but a perfectly smooth, rounded mound.

I don't know how to feel about anything beyond reconstructive work after pregnancy or something along those lines.

"Who are we to judge?" Who are they to judge based on such ridiculous criteria? Yeah, I do think there's something wrong with men who are going to scrutinize a woman's vagina when most are happy to be allowed contact with one. Genitals are not supposed to look pretty. If they do it's a lucky coincidence. The demands on how genitals should look are especially annoying b/c most likely potential partners haven't looked at each other's genitals initially, it would be ridiculous to ask someone how they keep their genitals when you don't know they very well, yet people have strong opinions on how genitals should look. Therefore, people have to try and read each other's minds.


(And yes, the same goes for aesthetic opinions about male circumcision.)

That's exactly what I was thinking about when I read this, how irrelevant and absurd male circumcision is.  Is that a new deal breaker in modern relationships?  "If you love me you'll modify your genitals to make me happy".  Like Joesph P said, if a woman did it for herself, because of time or pregnancy, that's one thing.  It's completely different if a partner is pressuring you to change something about yourself to make them happy, especially if it's isn't something that will improve their overall health.  i.e. losing weight to be healthier and happier. 

Yeah, I saw that in the Jezebel daily e-mail, a couple weeks back.  I guess it's a step less horrifying than removing the clitoris, since the purpose of that is explicitly to stop women from enjoying sex, but it's still pretty freaking disturbing.

The article notes "some pushback, such as a Tumblr called "Show Your Vagina", which showcases vaginas of all shapes and sizes and colors." One of the comments at that site, vaginasoftheworld.tumblr.com, tells about a part of the world with an opposite norm:

In East Africa there is a practice called "pulling" where from puberty onward, young girls, sometimes with the help of a close friend or female relative, pull their labia minora regularly in order to elongate them. Elongated labia are seen to increase sexual satisfaction for both men and women. Just thought this would be interesting for all your followers who are insecure about their larger labia.

Another comment: (emphasis mine)

I just had to laugh when I finally found this blog. Here I've spent 25 years hating my vagina and thinking it was the freakiest, ugliest thing in the world and totally unlike everyone else's. Not only do I discover that mine is completely normal and beautiful, but that EVERYONE'S is completely normal and beautiful! Yet somehow we're ALL insecure about our perfect lady flowers :3 Thank you so much for this blog. One request though: more hair!!!

Yay!  More elective surgery for people with too much money and too little self esteem.  Do yourself a favor and spend that 2000-6000 dollars on therapy.  If your partner is pressuring you to go through with it, then consider couples counseling or finding a more supportive significant other.

Vanity of vanities.  Wonder what Ron Jeremy thinks?



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