If you've never heard of the morning after pill, or Plan B, and you are over the age of 18, shame on your teachers, shame on your doctor and your parents. Not just females, all people between the ages of 15 and 60 need to know what it is, what it does and where to get it. I've been hearing about this product since I was 18(10 years ago) and yet still seem to meet people on a regular basis that have never heard of it.
This product must be taken with 72 hours of the sexual encounter, and is not 100% effective, but in a situation where you forget to use contraceptives, or they are used improperly it increases your odds of preventing pregnancy. Its important to know if you are pregnant it will do nothing for you.
I can't rest until I see this product at every 7-11 and Walmart in America, and every medicine cabinet has it stocked up and ready for use. I want girls(or women) to be able to get this without a prescription at 3am in rural areas.

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I used the morning after pill once, but I ran out of luck and got pregnant just the same, this was back in the mid 90s and we still needed a prescription at that time.

This is definitely a good campaign idea for for planned parenthood committees. My home province of Québec still requires a pharmacist to sign off on it, reason given is that it allows for interventions, in case of rape or such, gives the pharmacist a chance to «get a vibe» off the buyer. But I do believe over the counter is the best as the time lapse is of the utmost importance.

I'm very glad to learn it's now prescription free in a growing number of countries.

Let us not forget the other hormonal pregnancy preventer: EllaOne, in Europe, which keeps it's efficacy at 95% for 5 days (vs Plan B which is 95% efficient in the first 12 hours but quickly drops to 60% after 48 hours).

Lastly, the steroidal abortifacient (Wikipedia) Mifepristone, which permits medical abortion during the first 7 weeks of pregnancy, period during which suction is not recommended.

Thanks for posting this, the last couple of years have brought about many changes of policy.
Having recently moved to the "Jesus will cure your spinal deformity" part of the country, I've occasionally wondered how hard it would be for me to get the Morning After Pill around here. I know that there have been problems with pharmacists refusing to give it. Around here I would easily believe drugstores refusing to carry it.
The Christians think that this is an "Abortion" pill and refuse to try and understand the science behind it. It may be a long time before the "Bible Belt" allows this to be sold OTC.
Hopefully it can get included in upcoming versions of the National Health Care Bill, with some kind of availability garantee...
I never thought of that. This product should be covered by health insurance!
In some European countries the pills are actually covered by national healthcare.

Not in Canada tho, altho accessible, we still must pay for the pills themselves (unless they've got medical coverage at work), except seniors and welfare recipients of course, whos medication IS covered by national healthcare.
Looks like we're getting part of our wish...

Pentagon to Offer Emergency Contraception Abroad

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon for the first time is requiring military bases worldwide to offer emergency contraception or the so-called morning-after pill.

Defense Department spokeswoman Cynthia Smith says the decision follows a recommendation by an independent panel of doctors and pharmacists in November. It said emergency contraception should be added to the military's list of medications that must be stocked at each military facility.

Smith said she did not have additional details about when the implementation would begin.
TNT, I clicked on that link and a person needs to log in to read that article.

The Washington Post
Pentagon to offer emergency contraception abroad
I see two paragraphs and a solitary line, it seemed like simply a short article, but I could be mistaken...
costs $15 at my school's health center! no prescription or appointment needed :D

and we're in the South! :O



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