new to Atheist Nexus and this group.  liking it very much.


Got an email for this group:


dr kellie started the discussion "what women shouldn't wear" in the group Secular Sexuality on Atheist Nexus

Disturbing.  Let's all never look hot again.

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Finding that the link doesn't work and that I can't find the post.  Confused.

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As Nerd said.

You yourself have the right to delete this discussion by simply using the discussion tools in the upper right corner.

Thanks for setting me straight about the post deletion.


Overall I am feeling more at home here at Atheist Nexus than I have anywhere else online.


When I first got the email about the post, "What Women Shouldn't Wear" I figured it was tounge in cheek.  But now from the video I see that it is serious, the Modesty agenda.


I have an online female friend in an other state who advances this same agenda.  Mostly it seems based on hatred of those who are expressive and free flowing in their sexuality.  If she could, she would lock beautiful women in concentration camps.


I am not a professed Atheist.  I am opposed to any expressions of religious belief, as I see them to be acts of extreme hubris which serve no purpose other than to gain the approval of a group.  As such, they are always the promotion of idolotry.


But as such, I am Nontheist.  That is, I am opposed to collective invocations of Theism.


As far as personal experience, I see nothing wrong with what people experience for themselves.  We all just need to remember that the need for religion is a vice like any other.  I am not immune to it, nor am I ashamed of it.


Recently I got kicked out of a Recovery Movement place, because I made a vocal protest over a moderator's censoring my post.  My post was a lament on the condition of a local extreme alcoholic woman who has lived on the street for going on 20 years now.  Alcoholics drink for reasons.  The Recovery Movement and religion do not deal with this.  They preach Recovery and Salvation, not Redress for Wrongs.


What the moderators edited out was, "Why don't we admit that Born Again Christianity is a drug just like alcohol."  The Mod told me that, "Religion has been an integral component in the healing of many members."  This was from the same Mod who had earlier rationalized the suspension of a post of mine because I did not support the Recovery Movement, and so I could be hurting other members.


In none of these cases was I responding to anyone else.


I am opposed to the Recovery Movement.  I see it as an example of Rousseauist Liberal Pedagogy, which has the objective of crushing the Will, just the same as the other type of pedagogy does.  I am a follower of the early Alice Miller.


I have also had online fights because I've been advocating for a free flowing sexuality between consenting adults, and suggesting that it is best advanced by initial meetings in face to face venues and hormones instead of via online and dating services.


The fiercest fights I have had by expressing negative views about religion.  Most of the time its coming from alleged liberals who are preaching "tolerance" and excoriating me for being intolerant of Christians.


From where I am, Born Again Christianity is usually offered as the alternative to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.  I am 100% opposed to drugs alcohol and tobacco.  I see no reason why one needs Christianity to reject them.  But further, I am opposed to any sort of supposed monotheism which draws lines to delineate who is in and who is out.


Anyway, I've made some posts about things of concern to me.  Mostly I want to hook up with people fighting against the family system and its economic and social power base.  I want active fronts of engagement and tangible victories, not recovery, pillow punching, or therapists.  I have my own ideas about how to get this, but I want to first see who else is trying and learn from them and get involved with them.


Unfortunately there are reasons I must keep most all aspects of my life on the ground concealed.  I cannot accept questions about myself, or in any other way encourage inference and speculation.  There are reasons I must conceal, so as to do otherwise would result in my being violated again and would lower my chances of obtaining redress and justice.  What I really need are Comrades, people fighting in the same fight, placing themselves in harm's way and landing blows.  When I find them, then I will stand shoulder to shoulder with them and we will share in the fight for justice.


Victory not Victimhood!





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