My former youth pastor told us in our church-based abstinence class (which, incidently, I was kicked out of) that only men had sexual desire, recieved sexual pleasure, were able to separate sex and love, and that when women "acted out sexually", it was either a vain attempt to capture a husband or a response to society (I feel so sorry for his wife!).

How could a person, religious or non-religious, think this shit in the 21st century?! And does religion, especially Judeo-Christianity, truly promote said shit?

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Thank you Joseph WTSRP! That was a bit like calling out for Batman!

And I put myself in detention the next day for writing slightly deranged sounding posts when I'm tired. "I must only post when brain is in gear". Otherwise brain keeps pedalling but goes nowhere.

That was the thing tho'. I wrote the post without posting it (and next time I'll copy and paste to somewhere else), went back to it the next day and rewrote loads of it and put it up. But it appeared with some of the changes but not all, which annoyed me. So I rapidly 'edited'. I could have sworn it was within 15 minutes, put it up and it was just saving for ages till I refresh the page and it's gone back to the original.

I know the second thing you mentioned happens, the real time isn't what's at the bottom. But in the past, I swear I've made the tiniest alteration, posted and get the endless 'saving' till I give in and just refresh.

I'll keep better note of the time and just delete next time. Thanks.

Yup, the saving for ages thing is what happens when your browser still thinks it has time left to update ... but the AN server knows that 15 minutes has passed, and it rejects the update.  It should kick out an error notice, that the 15 minutes has passed, but it doesn't.  The browser doesn't check for rejections, so it just sits there humming to itself, waiting for the server to acknowledge receipt of the update, which is never coming.

Pagans have resisted the institutionalisation of any creeds and dogma, don't want to recruit, preferring people who are 'self-referred' so to speak, and anyone can set up a branch of their own, write your own rituals and ceremonies etc


You haven't met my friends' pagan friends. They assume everyone in the room is pagan, bash "religion" even though paganism is a religion, and the way they bring up the "goddess" all the time reminds me of how Jesus freaks can't stop bringing Jesus into it.

That quote I promised.

Tacitus (a Roman statesman). Were the people to rule themselves they would create trust. May they ever have distrust for one another, for as our need for power hurries us on, fortune can give us no greater gift than their mutual distrust.

Godwin's law was long ago superseded by Craig's Corollary: In any online discussion, the possibility that the mention of Adolf Hitler will be seen as a comparison when no such comparison was intended and no such comparison can be demonstrated approaches 100% as more people enter the discussion.  Addendum: Not all facts are comparisons and damn few comparisons are facts.
I had a feeling that post would get taken more seriously than I meant it to. The context was humorous.
...if you read my crap Latin at the top!
Bit of a pet peeve.  American media went through a lot of Hitler comparisons in Obama's first year or so with all the Tea Party fuss.  The Tea Party folks were calling him Hitler, but then, if the left pointed out that the Republican noise machine was pumping out propaganda, they would go into righteous indignation mode about Nazi and Hitler comparisons, even though they really were pumping out propaganda.  We've just had a lot of that crap.  A random fact about Adolph "Shit On Me" Hitler is not a comparison, and I didn't want anyone here to think I was comparing anyone to Hitler.  And I understood you were being humorous.  But then, so was I.

Well, I heard myself earlier this year use Hitler as a cosh to win an argument with some people with whom I was on holiday in Sinai.

They'd jumped on me a bit for going into the village unescorted by a man. I insisted I felt okay about it, hadn't felt threatened etc, but it turned out they weren't so worried about me, they just thought I should be more respectful of Arab culture, where women are rarely seen out alone. We wouldn't want to offend them with my shocking female Western autonomy - or (covered up) anatomy. 

I started a slight rant about why I wasn't allowed to feel offended by my restricted mobility and by my entire person being seen as an offence. The dangers of cultural relativism. Some eyes glazed over so I heard myself use the "for instance, Hitler, the Nazis, if more people in the world resisted the need to conform to some obviously malign cultural zeitgeist, and so on.." I felt it was a cheap and obvious blow.

Rosa Parks demonstrated my point much more clearly. Then I could use the example of the effect of just one person's actions.

I've just started to notice how often we all do it, but this was humorous.

It embarrassing how often the Hitler comparisons pop up.  GHW Bush compared Sadam to Hitler, and that opened the floodgates.  IN the US, it became a commonplace to compare Obama to Hitler, with some wackos even claiming he is Hitler.  These spurious comparisons have the effect of closing the gates when the backlash kicks in and people start to think that Hitler comparisons are always wrong and indicate a speaker's vicious, subversive agenda.  But some comparisons are apt.  One Democrat compared the Republican propaganda machine to the Nazi propaganda machine, and was roundly vilified for it, even though all their noise IS propaganda and uses techniques right out of the Goebbels textbook.  GW Bush, apparently not understanding the word completely, even referred to the noise as propaganda.


Me?  I wasn't comparing anyone to Hitler, but just tossing out a random fact that was stuck in my brain.  (Here's hoping it doesn't come back.)



Craig, your explanation sounds reasonable to me. You perhaps now know what I learned some years ago when I ran for election to a legislature: how important it is for people who go public to choose words very carefully.


Now, to everyone, let's return this discussion to sex and whether only men want it. Or have we reached the end of that thread?




We'll get new people popping in, from time to time, over the next few months.  Until then, we'll probably mostly just fill in the existing threads a bit deeper.



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