I've been thinking for some time about the religious obsession with sexuality and the oppression of women, here are some thoughts:

Religions are power structures, and they have largely been formulated and promoted by men. A recurring feature of religious behavioural codes is the assignment of power over women to men. This reflects traditional (one might say, ‘ancient’) gender roles, and is furthermore rooted in evolutionary mechanisms. Put simply, it is advantageous for the survival of the species for all men to have a strong sexual drive, while women tend to select the most ‘desirable’ partner – i.e. a partner choice that represents the best chance of survival for offspring.
This results in a fundamental conflict of interests, leading to all sorts of psychological and socio-cultural complications. The male urge to possess and control women, and to prescribe sexual behaviour, is articulated in behavioural codes and power structures, religion and its ‘morality’ being but one example of this process. Extremes of this phenomenon can be observed in the gender inequality of Islam and the Old Testament, and to this day religion encourages unfair and unhealthy attitudes towards women and sexuality.

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YES! Is it really that hard to imagine founding a religion on a desire for...
*POWER*? >:)
No insecurities, "Jerome"... I find Academia NOT unlike the same way Albert Einstein found it :p

That is, babysitting and entertaining FOOLS who could NOT be bothered to learn things on their own. >br />
And of course, many modern day educators nowadays attempt to actively indoctrinate and sometimes even outright brainwash their students. I can only assume that you are an educator as well, because you apparently go out of your way to convince me of a particular viewpoint.

Does this mean I get an F- now, professor? ;p



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