So I recently had occasion to wonder what on earth I can moan and scream other than the classic-yet-deistically-biased, "Oh God!" And the worst part is, it's *distracting*. My cerebral brain kicks in when I least want it to, because of the inconsistency of enjoying a purely carnal act free of the shackles of guilt and fear caused by religion, and the invocation of a pissed off daddy figure. I'm vocal, so just biting my tongue isn't an ideal solution. I need *something* to shout when I have something to shout about.

Suggestions of any stripe - humorous or serious, previously tested or merely hypothetical - are all welcome and encouraged.

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if i have sex, i still stay "oh god." to me, it doesn't bother me to say that even though i don't literally mean a god. i still say thank god and other phrases but i don't imply that it's a personal god. it just means the highest possible to me. the highest possible in terms of sex is ummm you know hehe ;).


It's been awhile, but I'm pretty sure I've been guilty of the following:

"Get over here!"
"Nuh-uh. M'not done with you~."
"Are you awake~?" :-D (I feel for my ex. I'm quite the early bird...)

I'd like to add some appropriate movie quotes, for when I next become active. I'm thinking of adding, "Do it-do it do it!" From Star Trek 2009, "Oh, James" from the Bond movies, and "As you wi------sh!" from the Princess Bride.




I think there's some way to work the term "gravitational field" in too.

You should try to work in something about the coefficient of friction.

Having been deprived of a good oxygen supply for the last 20 minutes or so I usually don't say much.

Awesome topic Angie and some awesome replies.

I am more interested in the origin of yelling out god's name in bed. Who was the first and why? What was the partners reaction to it? Especially when enjoying sex can be quite naughty to some of the religious. I think it quite funny and have to wonder what the devoutly religious say during sex - if anything at all (lol).

I know that I have certainly yelled out 'oh god' on occasion, but I also say 'jesus bloody christ' when I stub my toe, or 'oh my god' when something is incredulous, my favorite is 'holy shit balls' for just about anything but Aussie's are generally colorful in speech anyway. To me that are just words that express what you want at a certain time and seem to fit the occasion. I am a blasphemer and always will be no matter what the situation.

Oh god, hooray for blasphemy!

In an online discussion once, a theist told me: "that's blastfermy". I will never forget it. LOL.

My personal favorite is Jesus H. Christ riding a side car through Jerusalem when something annoying is happening.

Um, ah, whatever you want me to yell, Angie?

I never yelled anything in bed. I just made lustful grunting noises, regardless of what woman I was with. The same goes for most of the women in my life. My last girlfriend, at the moment of climax, used to whisper, "Yes, Daddy! Make me come, Daddy!"



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