So I recently had occasion to wonder what on earth I can moan and scream other than the classic-yet-deistically-biased, "Oh God!" And the worst part is, it's *distracting*. My cerebral brain kicks in when I least want it to, because of the inconsistency of enjoying a purely carnal act free of the shackles of guilt and fear caused by religion, and the invocation of a pissed off daddy figure. I'm vocal, so just biting my tongue isn't an ideal solution. I need *something* to shout when I have something to shout about.

Suggestions of any stripe - humorous or serious, previously tested or merely hypothetical - are all welcome and encouraged.

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I've been chuckling at these wonderful comments, Oh Angie thanks for starting this!

I usually am yelling "Oh F*ck me, OH YES! (and/or) F*ck YES!"
Used to have multiple partners so yelling the other's name is not happening.... still after being married all these years, lol!

God's name rarely comes up!

(although I have a great cock-blocker story involving invoking the name of Jesus I'll tell you about sometime!)
does now count as sometime?
I concur. Inquiring minds wanna know :)
My girlfriend and her guy were in the back seat. My boyfriend (son of a preacher man) and I were in front. It was getting hot and heavy. Really heavy. He was feeling me up and we were really into it, and he'd unbuttoned my jeans and was reaching under my panties. I was soooo ready.
I was also raised Fundy. I knew what I was doing was supposed to be wrong, but it felt so right.
In church we'd been told if we ever were tempted beyond what we were able to handle at the time, all we had to do was call upon the name of Jesus and the temptation would magically disappear.
I started saying, "Jesus!" ... my guy says, "WHAT?"
and this time louder I say, "JESUS!"
"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus"
Everybody was soooo pissed off at me and we went home.
So in that case, calling on the name of Jesus made the temptation go immediately away.
It's now several decades later, and my best friend still reminds me of that night! I don't think she can forgive me to this day... but we have a great laugh about it after all these years!
Haha, you imagine woman are much more tolerant than we really are.
Hahaha. Oh man, that brings tears to my eyes. I was such a bad fundy girl. Once I learned how to pop out my window screen... let's just say it wasn't Jesus' name I was calling out
I'm sure there's someone out there with a Professor Frink fetish. far as actual yelling goes, there's none of that from me. Maybe loudly saying some dirty phrases, but no yelling per se. The funny thing is, I'm more vocal than her BEFORE sex actually begins, and then when it does, we swap roles. Approaching orgasm, or when I really get into a hard and fast rhythm, I tend to become quite animalistic, with loud grunting and growling.
getting back to the subject at hand, you could just say "Oh fuck yeah!" or if you have food on the mind "Oh yeah, you hot little biscuit!" "little" is optional as to not insult the man your with.

*squeal* Too funny. I don't think I've ever had food on the mind in bed lol. Hopefully my mind is empty :)
I'm just trying to help you out. lol
"little" is optional as to not insult the man your with.

Have a male friend who for some reason would call me "Little Mary." So one day I called him "Little Paul." He was very taken aback, saying that there just isn't any good way to refer to a guy as 'little.'

I said, "Fine then. Medium Paul."

He begrudgingly accepted the fate he had walked headfirst into and has been "Medium Paul" to me ever since.



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