So I recently had occasion to wonder what on earth I can moan and scream other than the classic-yet-deistically-biased, "Oh God!" And the worst part is, it's *distracting*. My cerebral brain kicks in when I least want it to, because of the inconsistency of enjoying a purely carnal act free of the shackles of guilt and fear caused by religion, and the invocation of a pissed off daddy figure. I'm vocal, so just biting my tongue isn't an ideal solution. I need *something* to shout when I have something to shout about.

Suggestions of any stripe - humorous or serious, previously tested or merely hypothetical - are all welcome and encouraged.

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Well, I tend to yell things like "Oh, Shit! Oh, fuck! You sexy mutherfucker! You sexy bitch!" You could always subsitute "Daddy!" for "Shit!" and "Fuck!" if you're bashful. That always gets my blood boiling.
"Daddy" just has a creepy incest vibe IMO. You wouldn't yell "Mommy" would you?
Now, that's odd. I don't think I've ever met a guy who didn't like being called daddy in bed.
It's a control thing. Started with BDSM. Co-opted by pimps. It's the equivalent of calling a dom "Master" which I always thought was corny and assumed would be a turn off until the first time it was said to me. Then I got it. I still prefer daddy though.
Well, that would depend on the woman. I've definitely yelled "Oh, Momma!" Once or twice.
Freud stated that girls most commonly (if they are more 'straight' than not) lust after their fathers' and are jealous of their mothers' while the opposite is true of boys.
Angie, neat post. Fun stuff. I don't make a sound, 'cause all my attention is on the big guy. My last partner liked to moan, "Give it to me," and I thought that was very flattering and sexy.

Here's a little excerpt from my book on the subject, pertinent to religion and culture. If you don't know the word "satori" it is simply bliss in Buhdism.

“You know, Homer, here in western culture, what an irony that with all the religion and patriotism, obeisance to authority figures and emphasis on competing and winning, the only divine euphoria, the only true spiritual ecstasy, the only satori we experience in our entire lives is when we fuck like dogs.”
Kari-Erik, I never got into Buddhism much; I had enough religion with Catholicism. But if any religion made any sense at all, it would be this one. Tell me, are you familiar with kundelini?
Atheists really ARE obsessed with religion. I just wanted to talk about sex lol
I studied Kundalini yoga briefly in the early 80s, back when my mind was so open you could hear the wind whistling through it. I stopped taking yoga classes or listening to people yammer on about the Kama Sutra and/or "sex magick" because it started to dawn on me how much of it was very male centered and gender essentialist. I'm not sure if this is just the way it was being taught, or if it's endemic to Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, etc...
Yeah, what I've read of kama sutra was very much instruction to the man. As long as you both concentrate on pleasing the other, and letting yourself go, it's going to be a lot of fun.
I'm in Kundalini Yoga and I believe that any type of meditation has it's advantages... but then they have to bring the boogery philosophies into it. The book I got for the class wouldn't shut up about God. I had to stop reading it.



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