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Is there a transcript or article you suggest we read, for those of us who'd rather read than listen? Thanks.

Sorry, you tube doesn't provide transcripts.

Not good ones, anyway. For most videos, YouTube provides "sorta" transcripts, very rough and automatically generated. "Open Transcript" is hidden under the "..." button. Occasionally authors provide real transcripts and/or translated subtitles.

I didn't know that. I will have to look.

I found the Open Transcript. It is a bit cumbersome, so I won't provide a transcript for youtube videos unless asked, but at least I now know how to get it for you and would be happy to if there is a demand for it..

I'm sorry, but the transcript has more than 40000 characters and I don't have the time to break it up. You will have to access the youtube transcript on your own. Sorry.




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