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Also worth revisiting: "Terminator movies too comforting"

[...] there’s a lot more money to be made funding innovative new AI technology than there is in funding AI safety research…

This may be the most important race in human history. There’s a real chance we’re finishing up our reign as the King of Earth—and whether we head next to a blissful retirement or straight to the gallows still hangs in the balance.

Thanks. I'll save my email to this response and come back to it tomorrow. My wife is in the hospital and she won't be back till tomorrow, I think.

I hope she's OK!

She was in a bad way, but the worst has passed. But she will be there much longer than I thought. Maybe a total of 5 days.

I thought of a very useful AI application the other day. When people drive their cars irresponsibly - running stoplights, tailgating, speeding, changing lanes constantly, etc. - the car takes away control from the driver. Disconnect the gas pedal, the brakes, steering wheel and let the car drive itself. Tampering with the computer renders the car nonfunctional.

I decided to check out part 1 first and got only to 

The Road From ANI to AGI

And I had to stop. I will try to return to it tomorrow as I am real interested in the continuation of the article.

Wow! What a read! I'm scared now. All my life I was waiting for the day the cure for death would come. I was hoping to still be alive when they discover it. I was convinced I had a good chance to be alive when they did. Now, I am thinking about HOW they will discover it and what the dangers are. I think they will discover it too late. We will all be dead if we can believe that an ASI would be so indifferent to our being, that it will do away with us at whim. My trouble is I know next to nothing about AI, so the fear is great and undefined. But I don't have the inkling to learn as much as I can about AI in order to understand the source of my fear better and by doing that lessen my fear. What could I do anyways? I'm not disciplined enough to make a difference. So, my life is in the hands of profiteers.




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