For me, the first time that I really learned and understood to a degree what the big bang is, and how it can be observed was a wonderful experience. I was amazed of the simplicity of it's workings yet the complexity of the evidence and the search for it. Since then I've been actively pursuing these moments of amazement of the natural world, usually I have this sense of wonder in regards to biology, animals and plants never cease to amaze me. 

I have special interests in sharks and history, in particular historic inventions and the consequences of these inventions socially. We are literally standing on the should of (intellectual) giants, most of whose names are long forgotten.

The first time I looked into a telescope was similar to the first time I saw the pictures of the Hubble Deep Field project. Perhaps it is because I cannot perceive distance (or 3D) myself visually, but these distances humble me.

What are your experiences in the joys of understanding Scientific progress? Share your stories, videos, poems and books. I'll start with the aforementioned Hubble Deep Field.[wiki]

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I read science news daily and get multiple chances daily to feel amazed. CRSPR, Synthetic Biology, Devices controlled by the brain, Asteroids sailing through our solar system from some other star, plans to send people to Mars, advances for therapies for cancer, HIV, and many more, computer advances, AI, James Webb Space Telescope, climate science, sustainable energy, sustainable food production, city towers as hydroponic farms, so much more. There is something for everyone to catch their imagination.


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