Hello Folks,


My first post here - so far I've been contributing to the silence - lets make some noise :)


What are the books/life incidence(s)  that have influenced your way of thinking ?


For me, I always thought of myself as an agnostic till my early 20s ..

End Of Faith by Sam Harris made me realize I am a hard core atheist.




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hi guys,

i have been a freethinker/skeptic for most of my life until 3 years ago when i realised that i am an atheist. all thanks to youtube and the christians who wouldn't take no for an answer.

as an atheist i realize that people use the word 'god' too often. it wasn't obvious before. now its just annoying.

listening to richard dawkins, sam harris, christopher hitchens, nonstamp collector, thinking atheist, richard feynman and many more has made me a millitant atheist.

i read alot as well.

joined the singapore humnaist group and the meetup. met many atheist and non religious people.

how about you? do you have many atheistic friends?


In true Singaporean (?) style, there are some lists which are just placeholders and then there are multiple lists/meetups below that and so on..  So basically this group is inactive.  But thanks for the response.


I do have a few friends who happen to be atheist - in singapore and elsewhere. Most of them have lived/worked in different countries or are a product of inter-religion marriages.  Do you see any such trends ?


I am a voracious reader as well - I read anything and everything. Currently I am trying to read the Quran. Trying - since the book I got (english translation ofcourse) is very hard to read. Not well written.


And I use the word 'god' quite often as in - 'Oh god! how can anyone believe in this shit!'.  Hah.


Maybe I will stop by at one of the meetup events ...



sticking to the discussion......my fav atheistic book is 'the god delusion' 
Cool... The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins, i love this book very much.
There is another good book... God: The failed Hypothesis - By Victor J.Stenger.
heard its good. haven't read that yet. will do soon.

Hey, where is everyone?

My favourite books:

#1 Book All time everytime: The Holy Bible. If you really read this with just simple commonsense, you'll stay an atheist. We are all born as atheists, don't forget. Then many of us have religion imposed on us, and we shape our world view through the lenses and filters of religious doctrine.

If you read the Holy Bible for what it is, it is nothing more than a hodge-podge of Dungeons and Dragons, Gothic whacked out stories. I was brought up in a Christian environment. from the time I was a teen, I suspected all religion and superstition to be nonsense.

The Old Testament is particularly engaging. Here God shows his true colours as a first-rate cruel, neurotic asshole and a childish wanker by killing everything and everyone he either dislikes or disproves of for any silly reason -- mostly rejection. The Old Testament God has such low self-esteem that anyone who goes against his wishes or doesn't acknowledge his existence is immediately killed in the most spectacular ways.

#2 Carl Sagan's The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

#3 Bertrand Russell's classic Religion and Science -- after reading this you'll see where Hitchen's gets many of his ideas, and expatiates on them.

#4 ...All the rest of the favourites by Hitchens, Dawkins, Michael Shermer, James Randi, Daniel Dennett, George Carlin etc. I find Sam Harris too dry to read...but he is good. 


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