Is it wrong in Singapore if we voice out openly on forums/blogs that god is not real and that religion can cause delusions?

Just curious. Cos' religion is kinda sensitive in singapore? Then again, shouldnt we atheists be given freedom to voice our opinion based on research and factS?

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kinda sensitive!? haha .... it is made a huge deal here.
hey mrmister, how do i msg u ? cant find the application. im interested in the meetups
Yea man . Pretty sad. It's still along way before singaporean atheists can finally "challenge" religion healthily.
I've been thinking about this for a while, but more of the legal aspect... is it considered slander/ libel? I'm never too sure with S'pore.
i got into some trouble and complaints because my blog was kinda "tearing down" christianity with evidence and proof from the bible.

i have since shut down the blog.

So really, i wonder if we atheists can truly voice our opinion in singapore.

I wonder why sometimes, christians can tear down other religions by saying other religions are untrue, "wayward" and why atheists can't do the same to christianity in Singapore

:) Just a tought.
Yes, always happens >< I keep a blog separate from people I know, now. Much easier to just not let them know - they're the kinds whose minds won't be changed anyway...
I dun think so, cos every citizen has a constitutional right to profess, practice, or propagate his or her religious belief, so long as such activities do not breach any other laws relating to public order, public health, or morality. However, negative portrayals of religion are subject to censorship. We need to be 'tolerant' and not 'aggressive'. Just try not to cross the line, that's Singapore, like it or not.

In Singapore, we have Respect-based on fear, therefore religion is a touchy topic, kind of sucks uh..?
Yea man. I guess there are ways to try to "preach" and "spread" atheism. Just teach science, logic and reasoning.

But I do hope Singapore opens up more in regards to criticism of religion. In Europe, they are already there.
Well, Singapore, as you probably already know, is a very conservative country as it is. Religious discussions are always kept to a minimum, if not non-existent. When you say "opinions", what kind exactly? It does depend upon the nature of what is to be voiced.
Personally, I see atheistic arguments as a 'lesser evil' than a religious person preaching sedatiously against other religions. The latter is certainly chargable in Singapore from the recent case where a Christian couple was persecuted for distribution of pamphlets that negatively potrayed other religion(s).

Blogs may be more glaring because it is written by the owner and may be perceived as more harmful. It is commonplace to see atheists arguments in several publicly-viewable forums though.



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