Dear all

I am currently doing research about atheism in Singapore for an international reporting about religion project. To my dismay (and surprise), I cannot seem to find any news articles or academic research papers written on the subject. Most of the information collected measured population with no religion - which is not exact about the population of atheists in Singapore.

I will be greatly appreciative if anyone can help me with good databases, general sites, publications or even interviews. I am also exploring the role of atheism in inter-faith dialogues. Please contact me at if you like to share your views on the endeavour in anyway. I also would love to participate in the meet-ups; does anyone know how I can go about it?

Thank you!

Yours sincerely
Siew Joo

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Hi Siew Joo, the group has been inactive for a while but its being revived recently. This page might give you a nice overview:

In addition, there is now a Wikipedia page on your research:




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