Yeah, obviously there is a reason why you are a part of this group :) Personally, I have been a skeptic all throughout my life and it's a natural part of my personality, to doubt things I see and hear.

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I was given a book as a child called "What Makes it Go" - about how things operate. From that time on, I've always realised that everything has a rational explanation for operating - even escalators !!
I think it my mom and dad who made me this way! :)
because I know diluting something in water dose not make it stronger or a medicine. I'm not a doctor and have only a rudimentary knowledge of biology but I also think it's highly unlikely that someone can tell what's wrong in the body by looking at the specs in your eye.

And I think it is an evil that people like Rose Backman are allowed to dope naive little girls and old women in. Leaching off them hundreds even thousands of dollars per "session" or "workgroup".
My palm reader told me I should be... just kidding. For me it`s been a growing power through my life. It`s always a slap in the face when something I had assumed turns out to be wrong, or at least turns out to have much more depth. Plus the lying connection already mentioned. Being skeptically minded is the way to go.
i would not be an atheist without it.
I became a skeptic when I first started arguing my ideas. I found that so many ideas I had were on shaky ground at best. At one point I threw most of them out and started looking at all of them one by one.

I believed such stupid shit for so long it physically hurts to think about how many stupid things I thought were true.
I would call myself a skeptic, but I'm kind of skeptical about it...
Pretty simple really; there is nary a fact which you hear that is not filtered through another's interpretation. Skepticism allows for the most unbiased information to enter your brain.

I've been a subscriber to Skeptic magazine for years, and have a grad. degree in earth sciences from UCLA, although three years in a Catholic orphanage during WWII made me a skeptic/cynic,atheist, and rebel against authority by the age of five. I try not to be too cynical, but with all the crap that is going on politically/economically in the U.S. and the world today, anyone with populist/liberal/humanist leanings is perhaps doomed to a cynical outlook.

I can remember one of my first skeptic moments. I was about 11 years old. I wondered where the dinosaurs where at in the bible. I never got an answer. We have physical proof of dinosaurs and just a story book of a god.


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