Was just wondering what projects people were working on lately. I need to take pics and post my latest projects and I will soon.

The last thing I worked on was a cotton bag. Pretty much an experiment. Orange and black cotton for Halloween. It turns out by the time I was done you could put a wine bottle in it. I'll post pics soon. I used the skulls and crossbones from the pirate mittens and pirate hat "We Call Them Pirates", found here...

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I just finished an eyelash scarf for my bf's youngest and a cotton cloth that I am currently using for a coaster.

I better get on my holiday knitting projects! UGH! Anyone doing anything short and sweet?
I just learned how to do paper piecing in quilting... this is my first attempt, and I think I'd like to do a whole quilt with these blocks.... albeit a small one...

Kimono quilt

Last finished project. "Sack Person"
oh my...that is too cute! I need to make one...ravelry?
I am working away at an afghan for my son, promised it with his college colors- its just that the repetition gets boring. Its the mitered squares from Mason Dixon Knitting. Also decided that I was sewing it together wrong- the dilemma becomes do it right from now on, or rip out and fix?
You can probably guess from my name that I am a knitter. I'm currently working on two projects (socks and mittens don't count, LOL)–Alice Starmore's Norfolk, a gansey from Fishermen's Sweaters, and MMario's The Laughing Cat Shawl, which is a lace shawl using cat's paw. I have pictures posted on Ravelry (ID: pinkoknitter) and also on my web gallery and blog . BTW, I made the "We Call Them Pirates" hat; the mittens are (still) OTN.

I put hyperlinks to my blog and web gallery in the message, but they don't appear when I post it. I'm a total dweeb when it comes to forums like these, so I don't know why the links don't appear.

Happy knitting (and other crafting)
You should post pictures or link to pictures of your projects. I love to see pictures of the projects of my fellow knitters/crocheters.

I have some pictures of my stuff on Ravelry (ID: pinkoknitter) and on my Web Gallery I just finished a "We Call Them Pirates" hat for moJoe of Atheist News/Chariots of Iron. Chariots of Iron has a knitting posse on Ravelry–kind of an atheist knitting circle. LOL

I'm currently working on the Norfolk gansey in Alice Starmore's Fishermen's Sweaters. I tried adding a picture of it to this message. We'll see whether it works. LOL

I just finished a toy snake for my daughter. In this picture you can see that, the dinosaur I knitted for my son, and also his baby blanket.

Cute kids! The toys are cool!

Thanks. They're my sweeties. They like the toys, too.

I did some beaded necklaces for my mom's birthday.
You all are creative .. I love looking at your creations here.




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