Greetings fellow atheists! I have been looking for you for years. I am in Bradford Vermont, near New Hampshire (used to live in Montpelier). Interesting how there are many divergent parallel lives being experienced in Vermont -- my 20 year experience is that it is not a very tolerant place (at least not of atheists), and that unless you belong to a church-oriented religious group (including the Unitarian Church) you are ignored on many levels. I'm so delighted that there is now a mechanism to find each other!

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yet one's experience in such things depends to a large extent on the circles one moves in.

Also, I would think where one lives. Even very tolerant areas can have pockets of idiocy. In Marshfield back in the early 90s (or was it late 80s?), a group of fundamentalist Christians moved in, and then tried to take over the school board, the library board, etc... I'll have to ask a friend in Marshfield if she can give me more information about her experiences during that time.

I'm certainly not "out" to my neighbors as an atheist, but if it ever comes up, I won't hesitate to state my affiliation. However, I'm friends with my neighbors on either side of me, so I don't feel like they're going to suddenly dig a moat around their home and fill it with alligators once they find out.

I found this interesting wee historical snippet about the history of religious tolerance in Vermont. Haven't yet found anything on Vermont's history of Freethought or atheism.
Welcome to the group, Cindy! Good to have you here.

Until I joined Atheist Nexus and found this group, I only knew two other atheists in Vermont... the man I live with, and a friend I met via the now defunct I'm hoping I can make a few more friends via this group.


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