The Burlington Atheists and Humanists Meetup Group will be meeting in Burlington at Sapa Coffee and Tea House at 4 PM on Sunday, April 25th.

To clarify:  That group's online site is hosted by  We are two separate groups, but I hope we can share information and resources so that Vermont non-theists can find/create community.

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When I'm a wee bit more awake, I'll add this to the info. section.
I'll be there :)
Have fun! If you have a chance, would you post a brief report for those of us who can't make it?
I read on the Meetup site that six people showed up. That's great! Hopefully someone that was there will let us live vicariously through their experience.
One of the many reasons why I am not fond of Meetup... they deleted the Burlington Atheists and Humanists Meetup Group. Evidently one must pay to keep groups on Meetup. I hadn't had time to take a look at the site and see what running a group there entails. I'm unlikely to do so, since we can use Atheist Nexus for free (donations appreciated).


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