Maybe something low key, possibly meeting at a cafe, somewhere centrally located? I think the place could be chosen according to who plans to attend (due to distance). How does January or February sound? Any interest in socializing, as well as (possibly) planning something for Darwin Day?

If someone is a member of the Burlington Atheists and Humanist group, and would like to talk this up over there once we've got a date, time, and place, that would be great.

Folks who are uncomfortable in social situations shouldn't feel like they'll be less a part of this group if they don't show up. However, RSVPs from those who are likely to come would be good.

If people want to start tossing out possible dates and places, that would be great.

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Now that Xmess is over, maybe people have more time for this.
Hi, Grundgetta. I am very new to the area [day 3 !], and would love to meet up with others of a similar mindset. I'm free on Darwin Day, in fact, since I haven't found employment yet, I'm free most days.
Keep in touch - I'd really like to see this happen.
Welcome to the area!

Anybody else free on Darwin Day? I am so far.
Unfortunately, I'm not feeling well, and probably won't be tomorrow. However, maybe we could talk about future dates?
I'd be interested in a get together, though I'm hardly convenient for anyone else: I work 6-7 days a week (but thank FSM I'm no longer unemployed!), and would prefer not to have to travel very far from my home way down here in Brattleboro.

The hell of it is that having an atheist get together in Bratt would be like having a Klan meeting in Alabama - nothing too out of the ordinary about it!
Seriously? I didn't know many atheists when I lived there. Maybe there was a busing order.
We'll probably organize it in this group. Keep your eyes peeled! Oh, ir probably wouldn't hurt to know when you are available, and how far you're willing to travel.
I'm also interested, if it fits into my busy school and work schedule and is a reasonable distance (i frequent chittenden, addison, and rutland county if that helps)
What days/times are good for you? I'm in the Rutland/Addison County area. Weekends are best for me, as I can get my cohabi-tater in on the meeting, too.

I can come by myself during the week, as long as we don't meet too late. Also, I don't mind traveling, and I can even give one person a lift if they're on the way, or not incredibly out of the way and don't have a car. The car I'd be borrowing only has room for one passenger.

I'm thinking maybe we could have get-togethers that rotate between days, times, and parts of the state, so that everyone gets a chance to participate.
Hey I'm new to this site; if you guys are still planning on doing this count me in. Chittenden and Addison county work well for me.
Still planning on doing it.
So, in an effort to get things moving with this....lets start with a location/s (I liked the idea of having a couple meet ups across VT where people can go to all or just one). I'm going to throw out Church Street, Burlington as the location of one, since I see at least 4 people who that would work for. Plus, Burlingon has some great cafes and places to meet...any suggestions?

As for dates...depending on how fast this gets organized (if it ever does lol) any preferences on weekends or weekdays? Mondays are the only week days that work for me right now, and every other weekend (april 24, 25, May 1,2) etc.




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