Maybe something low key, possibly meeting at a cafe, somewhere centrally located? I think the place could be chosen according to who plans to attend (due to distance). How does January or February sound? Any interest in socializing, as well as (possibly) planning something for Darwin Day?

If someone is a member of the Burlington Atheists and Humanist group, and would like to talk this up over there once we've got a date, time, and place, that would be great.

Folks who are uncomfortable in social situations shouldn't feel like they'll be less a part of this group if they don't show up. However, RSVPs from those who are likely to come would be good.

If people want to start tossing out possible dates and places, that would be great.

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First, longest distance traveled... I think you won all the door prizes this time.

How did I miss the bag with Chairman Mao on it? We may have to institute an outer bag inspection.
A brief report: We had a grand total of eight people attending. I was so busy talking that I forgot to take any photos. We have another meeting upcoming May 30th at 2 PM. I'll probably start another discussion for that one, or someone else can.
I can't find my notes. I'll make an effort this weekend.


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