So there's a program on Fox called Ask the Father, where a pastor responds to email questions people send in. After watching him try to answer thoughtful questions like "Did Adam have a belly button?" or "How did Adam & Eve's siblings reproduce?" (in which case the father was forced to admit that it must have been through incest), I decided to send in one of my own, curious as to how he'd respond.

Anyway, I uploaded the video to YouTube which shows you the Fox footage and then my critical response to his illogical (yet expected) answer:

Afterword, it may also interest you to watch the unedited footage and hear the rest of the questions which were asked. Personally, I like the first one better than my own, partly because you can use the bible itself to refute it; just look at the sacrificial story of Abraham and Isaac.

Let me know what you think! :)

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I absolutely hate Fox myself; their ignorance gives me a headache. However the youtube video I made and posted above goes right to my question and isn't long at all if you exclude my response that appears afterword.

But if you prefer, I can condense it by saying that my question was basically "If life (complexity) requires a designer, how come god (who'd have to be much more complex) does not need one?" And his only response was that "God isn't extreme complexity, he's extreme simplicity. He doesn't elaborate because he can't. He has no evidence or reasoning to back up his claim.
Yuck, Fox News. I've had first hand experience with the terrible, biased, ridiculous crap they call news...

Anyways, I watched this and it wasn't anymore or less than I expected. You asked a logical question and received an answer that was illogical and avoided actually answering...anything.
What a strange show...
In regard to the first question in the unedited version, Old Testament Yahweh used to ask his followers to do all kinds of crazy things. Explain that, Father Sexy.
Also, the sexist banter at the end was a nice touch. Very classy.
heh. Father Sexy.

Yeah, sexist banter, but I'm sure they'd say you're being PC, and to "lighten up".
Kansas, eh?

In the unedited version, I love that "You can bet it's not the Devil, and it's not yourself hallucinating". hahahahaha! One in the same, Father Sexy, one in the same.

Wow. The comments the Faux crowd make are telling, such as "The robots are inferior people."

I wonder how much the blonde woman gets paid to sit there quietly and laugh at their unfunny comments?

Alex, did you know you can upload videos that will be seen by Nexus at large? They'll also show on your personal profile.
Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that feature on Nexus. I should do that. Thanks Grundgetta!
You're welcome!




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