Things have been sort of dead here recently, and I totally understand! I feel guilty...I havent been on here in like a month. But who wants to be on their computer when they can enjoy the VT weather that won't last much longer!

However, I enjoyed the meeting I went to, and do hope we can throw some more together.

Seems everyone wants this group  for different reasons (intellectual discussion, debate, support, community, staying current, friendship, secular support) and I hope if we get more organized, we can offer something to everyone by having a structured meeting. 

A couple ideas I have to help address everyones needs is by dividing the meeting up and have some sort of schedule. This may not work for every meeting, but its just an idea.
Start with a greet, introduction, order food/drinks of appropriate, how are you etc.
Next have some sort of supportive discussion, where people can talk about problems, stories, plans, related to their atheism/skeptic views.
Then perhaps addressing any local Vermont news that relates to our group, if applicable.
Then we could have a couple of preplanned topics to discuss/debate (so people can research if they desire). For example, I would like to discuss is religious cults/groups and their impact in vermont (like twelve tribes). 
Finally, a wrap up could be discussing the actual group. Changes, plans, schedules, conflicts, ideas, next topics, etc.

I could be overthinking this, but if anyone else is interested in this sort of structure, has other/better ideas, or is at least STILL ALIVE... post here. Even if just to say, hello, so I have some idea of how many people are still active.

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Stacey, Sounds like a good plan. It would be good to have a discussion topic ahead of time. And I'm interested in meeting -- but I have a very busy fall schedule. Will be out of the country for a lot of October. But let's keep in touch. I'd like to meet. I go to national/international meetings, but am not connected with the atheist/skeptical network (if there is one) locally.

My husband and I recently attended TAM8 in Las Vegas (and met James Randi, as well as "Mr. Deity"!). And we'll be attending the Atheist Alliance International meeting in Montreal the first weekend in October. Richard Dawkins was/will be the keynote speaker at both meetings. I look forward to seeing him again.

Our group, as far as I know, is the only atheist/skeptic network in Vermont. It appears the atheist/humanist group in Burlington is going dormant. Haven't heard from Charles as to whether or not he has time/interest in a group off of Meetup.

We are fledgling, as you can see.

I would LOVE to attend the AAI meeting in Montreal, but we had some recent economic setbacks, so it's out of the question for me now. Please tell us your thoughts on it when you get back.

Thanks for taking the initiative!

I'm interested in meeting like minded people, and having interesting discussions. I'm not so much interested in being an atheist activist.

Wow! Dawkins will be in Montreal?

I did not see Dawkins listed under the speakers.
There are some other great speakers though.
Stacey, You're right! I wonder if there was a change in the program. But perhaps I've been wrong about it all along. I see that he spoke at the AAI meeting in Copenhagen in June. Maybe that's the source of the confusion. Yes, there are some other good speakers. I'm especially excited to hear Susan Jacoby, who's receiving the 2010 Richard Dawkins Award (another possible source of my confusion). Jacoby seems like an excellent choice -- and won't be as controversial as Bill Maher!
Yes, interested. Busier than I thought I'd be, and waiting for other people to chime in.
It would definitely be a good idea not to walk out the door without having another meeting planned, and maybe get into a routine of regular meetings. Maybe you should post what weekend you are free next since you are the one rattling everyone's chains now.
My free weekends this month are September 11/12, 25/26. I am thinking the 26th might be a good day since it is far enough off that people can better plan for it
Hey Stacey,

This weekend is right out, and next weekend... I'm not sure yet. My suggestion is to look a month in advance to when you can be at something, and just go ahead and plan it. Then, send out an email to everyone via the send a message to all members function.

I was busy with some other volunteer work that will be slacking off now that the growing season is coming to an end. I'll have more time to help out.
Are people still hoping to meet? I'm still interested. My husband is, too. We just returned from the Atheist Alliance International meeting in Montreal (Oct 1-3). There were some terrific speakers, most notably, Chris diCarlo, Daniel Dennett, PZ Myers, and Brian Dalton (Mr. Deity). We are just about to leave the country for a couple of weeks. Will be back on the 20th.
Heh. Yes, I'm sure we will meet. I have a couple of phone numbers around here, I'll find my notebook and make phone calls rather than send email.

Hope you have a good trip!
Thanks! We'll be in southern France -- Provence, the Rhone Valley, and Burgundy. Lots of wine touring! :)




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