If so, please chime in with a quick grunt. I'd like to get out and meet other non-theists in Vermont, as I know so few.

I realize that not everyone is interested, and that an online community may suit some people's needs more than meeting in the flesh. If there's not enough interest in meeting-and-greeting now, I'll just bump this discussion from time-to-time.

We also might want to consider people who live near our borders. Maybe there are people in Gnu Hampster or Newyorkasaurus who might live within driving/bus/biking distance.

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Originally from Chester, VT. Now living in Bethany OK.

Do call or text sometime. I'd be glad to call you, if you wish. 4056506278@txt.att.net

If you do have a meeting, I'd like to call-in and listen on the phone, participate that way.

:) Marv

7400 NW 19TH ST
BETHANY OK 73008-5637
Hi Marv! Do you ever make it back to VT?

Are you sure you want your personal information on a website where anyone can access it?
Anyhow... thanks for the offer, Marv. I don't text, as we have to pay by the word, or letter... I forget.

One of these days, I'm sure we'll have a meeting of Vermont (and maybe vicinity) folks who want to socialize. When we do, hopefully we can put you in on a conference call. If someone has a laptop with a webcam, microphone, and speakers, we could give you audio and visual.
Sorry, we've had a couple of meetings and I wasn't organized enough to do a live feed for you. Maybe next time.
I just recently joined atheist nexus. I used to live in Troy,Vermont, graduated from UVM (twice with two degrees), my niece lives in East Harwick, and I'll be moving back to Vermont asap, from Weslaco, TX.
Welcome to the group! Good to have you aboard. Hope you're able to move back soon.
I would love to network and meet more Vermonters who are non-theists. I've met very few...even my better half is a theist! I live in Addison county, but am frequently in Chittenden and Rutland county and would possibly be interested in a meet and greet.
Also, I really haven't heard of any Vermont atheist, humanist, skeptic, secular etc groups, outside of the internet, and would be interested if anyone has information on any, whether active groups or just proposed ideas.
Hi, Stacey,

I'm in Addison County, too. I think there is a real need for a skeptical presence here. The Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op sells homeopathic remedies and other snake oil. There are a number of fake healers in business here who advertise in the Addison Independent ("Wellness Directory"). Naturopaths are licensed in Vermont. The Turningpoint Center in Middlebury recently allowed a healer to promote "holographic kinetics" (a hilarious concoction - check their website) to people with addiction issues. That center receives funding from the state health department. So there is work to be done.
In the area of religion, the Unitarian Church in Middlebury is thriving, but I wonder how many members would prefer a non-church social alternative that was more straightforward about beliefs.
Jerry, I'm with you on little sugar pills. Every co-op sells that crap. I think if we just started advertising, maybe did some cold reading, possibly had a table or booth at some of the state's cultural events, we'd pull in more people. I'm as interested in socializing as I am doing education, so I'd want to make sure that people who were less activist, but looking for a non-church social alternative would feel welcome, too.
Welcome to the group!

There's an atheist/humanist meet-up group. I'm hoping we can get folks from over there here, as A|N is free, and Meetup costs. It's located in the Burlington area.

There was/may still be a student freethought group on the Middlebury campus. Other than that, I am not aware of any. I would think there would be one at UVM. If you have the time and energy, I would be happy to help coordinate efforts to find what groups there are in Vermont, and start networking them.

I have been waiting to hear what national/international groups people are members of, and if there was a majority of Vermonters already a member of one of these groups, join that, and (hopefully) use their resources to help us organize a Vermont group.

I would be interested in a meet-and-greet. I have some security issues with posting my personal information online, but would be happy to talk in person.

I'm still here - been doing lots of reading on A|N in an effort to learn the rules of decorum before I start any real typing-related stuff.
Grundy, as I've mentioned in our emails, I'm all for a meet and greet with non-believers in and around the Vermont area.
I've joined the Burlington Atheist/Humanist meetup group, but no actual meetups are scheduled...
I think we'll have to get something going here, and invite the folks from Meetup over.




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