I can't seem to figure out when and where? There doesn't seem to be much of a following unlike Atheist Communities elsewhere in the country. Perhaps it's just that Vermont is already so non-religious.


On the other hand Essex Alliance is getting ready to build and relocate to Williston where I live with a sanctuary that to seat 1500 at a time along with a cafe and bookstore, housing and all kinds of services. SOMEONE must be going and giving money. As mega churches go it's not very mega but for Vermont it's monstrous.


Anyone out there?

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We have met a few times. The energy seems to split into three areas.

1) just wanting to rub shoulders with like-minded people. That's fine, but if the only thing that ties people together is non-belief, that seems to not provide enough energy to keep the meetings going

2) wanting to surround yourself with like-minded people. One woman said that she wanted to raise her child surrounded by atheists. Similar to (1), but with a stronger urgency.

3) evangelicals who want to change the world to increase atheism. Some of us are critical thinkers but not interested in expending a lot of energy in outreach, when classes in critical thinking can be created that do not scream Atheism at the top of the lungs.

I would imagine that there are a dozen or so people who would consider attending another meeting.

Is evangelical really an appropriate term for those of us who see the harm religion inflicts on our society and who wish to promote secularism? That term is pretty loaded and has connotations that imply a parallel to evangelical religionists who deem it necessary to impose religious law onto others, while no atheist I've ever met who is at the forefront of the secular/anti-religion movement wishes to force others to abandon religion. There's a big difference between "increasing atheism" and promoting secularism, and I've seen a lot of the latter but not very much of the former.


 As for the OT goes, I've noticed that vermont is already pretty liberal and many people don't really talk about their religion much. It seems that freethinker/secular humanist/atheist groups tend to crop up in areas where there is more of a need for outreach to similarly minded individuals. While VT isn't very religious, I've noticed a lot of spiritual (but not religious) types, and not too many atheists. So it'd be pretty good to get together with others in the area who are like minded. I haven't seen much activity in this group. If there's enough interest we definitely should get some sort of regular meet-ups going though.

Certainly are, but people don't respond to polls, email, etc...  Many people join Nexus, drop one or two comments here, and then never come back.

Hmmm.... I think that's your opinion.  My impression was:


1.  Rubbing shoulders with like-minded people.  


It fell apart because it was suggested we take another poll about availability, rather than set up another meeting before the last meeting ended.  That was a mistake, as people don't check-in to Atheist Nexus often enough.  I suggest we move our organizing efforts to Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/VermontSkepticalAtheists/


The Facebook group is a group for skeptical atheists, and not just non-theists, like Atheist Nexus, so it may not suit all.


I know a number of people who would like to have secular social gatherings.


2.  Seems really the same as one.


3.  No, actually... people wanted to create a group to offset all the harmful woo they see, a skeptic's educational group.  


I personally don't have any problem being identified as an atheist, and since we were first trying to have meetings,  I'm not interested in some generic group that doesn't mention atheism.  I'm also not interested in hearing people go on about woo, as I've found a number of people who identify as atheists who believe all sorts of nonsense.


There's room in the state for a number of groups, with a number of purposes.  We don't all have to march in lockstep.

How might I connect with the group?
Hi, I'm wondering the same thing, so . . .  Having recently returned from the FFRF meeting in Hartford, I'm remotivated to try to connect with some like-minded people in Vermont. I've decided to hold an open house for members of Skeptical Vermont at my home in Winooski, Sunday, November 13th from 3-5 pm. Just a time to meet and see if anyone would be interested in regular meetings -- and/or what we'd want to do at such meetings. I'll post an announcement asap.

Glad to hear from you, Rick! And glad you can come. The FFRF meeting was great. They're not often in the east, so we jumped at the chance. It was an easy 4-hour drive. The most recent podcast has some conference excerpts. I enjoyed the whole thing, but especially Jerry Coyne, whose blog I now follow (http://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/). See you next month!


PS: It's 2:00 - 5:00 pm  (instead of 3:00 - 5:00).
I'd love to come, but I may have guests that weekend, or may be in transit to the bus station/airport/train station around that time.  I'll know better in about 10 days.
2:00 to 5:00 is good, since I have to be somewhere at 4:00. I'll see you there/then.

Unfortunately I'm traveling that day, November 11, returning from Charlotte NC and will not be back in town until after 5pm. Dang!!
Sorry you'll miss it, Dennis. Keep in touch. We'll try for another meeting soon.




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