Vermont Skeptical Atheists Picnic (Facebook Group) - June 23, 2012 - 1 PM

Vermont Skeptical Atheists Picnic
Event for Vermont Skeptical Atheists on Facebook, and friends.

Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 1 PM/13:00

Location: 75 Maple Street, Essex Junction, VT 05452 (Maple Street Park)

Bring your own food and beverages, but I suspect people won't mind
sharing. If you want to grill, contact Chuck Villa for charcoal. This
is a kid-friendly event.

From Chuck, the organizer: "If the weather is good, it's a very kid
friendly park w/ tables, grills, play structures and a pool. If the
weather is poor, I offer my house. It's a townhouse with a small yard,
but I have a grill and I would love to host." 

Look for the VSA sign when you get to the park.


I do not check my Atheist Nexus email very often, so if it's raining, and you want to come, send me an email by 10 AM Saturday morning.  ana thema 1959 at g mail dot com.

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Never been to a VSA event because they haven't yet worked with my schedule but this one does!  Hopefully I'll meet you all this Saturday.  Happy summer! 

Hey Erin C!

I hope you have Chuck's contact info., as he says it's looking like rain.  If you don't, I had to stay home (foot problems), and I'll check my email every so often and send his contact info. to you.

Hey Ana!  I just joined the fb group, so I'm not sure if I'll have missed the updates there.  Weather's looking nice and I know I'll be a bit late to the event but could you send me his info?  ern dot aka dot ern at gmail if you'd rather not post it here. :)  Thanks!

I am so sorry!  I checked here for a bit, and Facebook for a bit, and then got distracted.  Just now thought to look in again.

Well, I think I missed the BBQ this time!  I got to the park a little after 2:30 but I couldn't find any VSA signs.  I tried checking my email on my phone to see if I could find out where the other location was but my phone is not a very smart phone so that didn't work too well.  Sorry I missed you all this time, but I would love to meet up with folks in and around Chittenden Co. some other time this summer. :) 

Very sorry.  Your phone is probably smarter than you think.  I was checking in here around 1 and then 1:30, and then got distracted here at home.




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