I've been thinking about joining one, but am overwhelmed with choices and variety. Atheist? Secular Humanist? Skeptic? Freethinker?

Are any folks here members of any national and/or international groups?

If so, why did you join that particular group?

Part of my reason for asking is that I'm thinking of organizing a Vermont group with ties to a national and/or international group. It would also be a way of getting more people involved in this A|N group.

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I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members." -- Groucho Marx.

Heh. I'm glad you posted that. 'Twas appropriate.

There are times I'm not into public places and crowds. Still, all those OKCupid tests say I'm an extrovert.

I think I'd rather join a national or international group at this point, if I found that members of this community,and other atheists around Vermont are already members of one organization. I'd probably pick the one that has the majority of members from Vermont. No sense in recreating the wheel, if there's already an umbrella group in place. Just joined Meetup.com the other day, and wrote the creator of that group in Burlington. They have 25 members (give or take).

Larger national or international organizations often have tools and tips for getting local groups underway, or they at least have email or mailing lists that already reach members of their group in your state/area. I plan on devoting more time to that this winter, scouring the WWW for Vermont groups and surveying members.
Hi, Grundgetta,

I've been a member of Center for Inquiry for a long time.


They publish two excellent magazines, Free Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer. Both are thoughtful and caring.

I'm familiar with the Center for Inquiry, and the magazines they publish. As soon as I get more feedback from more people in Vermont, I'll make a decision about what group to join.
So far Jerry, it's Center for Inquiry in the lead!
Here's the address for the Burlington Atheist Meetup group. I'd like to encourage folks from there to move here, as A|N doesn't charge group organizers for doing free advertising for them. Also, this site is run by atheists. I like keeping business, as much as possible, in the family.




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