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Vermont Non-Theist Resources

Non-Theist Gatherings in Vermont:

A skeptical atheist picnic was organized on Facebook.  It will be held at Chuck Villa's house (due to threatening weather) Saturday, June 23rd, at 1 PM.  Contact Ana Thema for info., or Chuck Villa on Facebook. 

Vermont National Atheist Party has a monthly meet-up every first Saturday. 

Other Vermont groups:


Vermont Skeptical Atheists:  A group for skeptical atheists on Facebook.  "The focus of this group will be helping to facilitate community for people in Vermont and nearby".  Facilitated by group member Ana Thema.

Vermont National Atheist Party:   Not strictly for skeptical atheists, let alone atheists, but I suspect a majority are at least atheists.  Monthly meetings currently in Montpelier.  Facilitated by group member Ryan McCue.

Upper Valley Humanists:  "The Upper Valley Humanist Association's mission is to provide a fellowship group for the non-religious based upon science, reason, empathy and compassion for our community and our natural environment."  Meets in Hanover, NH.

The Deep and Meaningful Conversation Meetup Group - Organized by group member Jon Bondy in the Burlington area. Not strictly for non-theists, but it appears some attend.

Group Members In The News:

Alex Hanuman had a (very edited) question aired on Fox News.



Apostasy World by group member Matthew O'Neil.


Other Resources: If you know of any other atheist/humanist/agnostic/freethinker/skeptic/etc... groups, organizations, history, counselors, products, etc... in the state of Vermont, please drop me a line or leave a message on the Comment Wall, or add to the discussion in the Discussion Forum.

Discussion Forum

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Administrivia - May 2012

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A call for Vermont scientists responses

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Vermont NAP

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Reason Rally 2012 Washington DC

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Is there really an Atheist/Humanist Group in Burlington??

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Third Skeptical Vermont Meeting - Availability Poll

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Possible Brattleboro Meeting

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Burlington Atheists and Humanists Meetup - April 25th at 4 PM

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Is there anybody still reading?

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Vermont Artist Dies in Haiti

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What would you want from a Vermont atheist/non-theist in-person group?

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Atheist / Critical Thinking Links

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2nd Skeptical Vermont Gathering

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First Ever Atheist Nexus Vermont Get-Together

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Comment by Jeane Butler on March 10, 2009 at 3:24pm
Hi Don: Thanks for the reply. Do you not beleive that he is alone in his thinking. He stands up to many in the senate. I am proud to be a Vermonter. Here's my question:

I never belived in organized religion. I just lost my sister and it was so hard to be in the chuch, even though it was no denominal. I am angry. Do Aganiest's believe in any God? Do they belive that there is a higher power. I want to believe but I refuse to listen to to any man or women . Sometimes I wish I could go someplace and believe that my life would be better if I went someplace every Sunday
I do not believe in church and state!!! I hate that term

I quess you can see that I am very angry. Sorry
Comment by Jeane Butler on March 9, 2009 at 6:43pm
Question? Is it true that Bernie Sander is an Atheist
Comment by zuzu on January 4, 2009 at 7:02am
Don, Interesting you should bring up the illegal farms workers. The farm workers are needed and wanted. The federal government, however, has a different idea and has even raided some farms, endangering the ability of the farmers to maintain their farms. The undocumented immigrants, some longtime continual or seasonal residents of the state, find themselves imprisoned and facing deportation, with no right to free legal counsel. Vermont seems a more welcoming place for immigrants than most places. It's sad that the federal government does its best to make the state a dangerous place for them. Their also picked up trying to cross into Canada, where the amnesty laws are more lenient. These unfortunate immigrants are also imprisoned and face the same fate. This bring to mind the federal death penalty case of a couple of years ago involving the defendant Donald Fell, where, as you probably recall, the federal prosecutor sought and won a death sentence against this defendant in Vermont, 50 years after a death sentence had been imposed by a Vermont court. If these examples are any indication, the federal government doesn't care much for our peaceful ways.
Comment by zuzu on January 3, 2009 at 9:58am
I've lived in Vermont for 18 years. I agree with you, Don, that in general Vermonters are more tolerant than folks in most states. But tolerance seems to be strongest in left-leaning communities. I know of bigotted treatment of gay adults and kids and African Americans and others, incidents which don't seem to be common knowledge. Aren't we the whitest state in the country? I can't imagine how difficult it would be to be a minority in Vermont. As a member of a "suspect" class, I have experienced what I believe to be discrimination, behavior which, if not illegal, wasn't welcoming or tolerant. At times, I find myself idealizing Vermont as a progressive haven, but we have our share of intolerance, perhaps on a smaller scale befitting Vermont's tiny, largely dispersed population.
Comment by River Otter on November 15, 2008 at 8:31am
Hi Y'all from the Bible Belt. I was born and raised in Northern Vermont. I have been in NC since 1993. I came here to make a life for myself. Vermont living is hard and there isn't much work.

Where are all of the Atheists in the great state of VT? Being in NC I can't spread the word up there. UGGGH!

I have been Agnostic most of my life. I have been an Atheist for about 10 years. I am thankful my mother never taught me her Catholic religion. WOOT!
Comment by Seven Crows on July 25, 2008 at 1:51pm
Greetings - I haven't seen many other Vermont residents here on Atheist Nexus and I am hoping this will draw some out.

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