Alien abduction, LHC devouring the earth, Scientology, homoeopathy, faith healing, ley lines, crop circles, big foot, Lock Ness monster, psychics, the Philadelphia experiment, spoon bending, face on Mars, Jesus on everything, seances, crystal dangling, ghost hunting, auras, chakras, chi, cheese rolling, cheescake, yogic flying, speaking in tongues, dousing with tongs, past life regression, astrology (how could I forget!), Nostadamus, numerology, phrenology, faked moon landings, vitamin C, face cream, abstinence, magnetotherapy, out of body experiences, celebrity reincarnation, herbal enemas, heaven, hell, holistics, iridology, Reiki (WTF is Reiki?), hollow earth, prayer batteries, David Ike, the rapture, MM bloody R - Oh God may the sun swallow us all.

What is your favourite topic for a good sceptical rant and why?

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Theres just too many to choose from.
While being skeptical about all the ones I have previously heard of, Scientology could head the list because like Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses (not listed) it features among laughable but dangerous modern mass-movement religions or variations of false older ones that are blatantly obvious religious fictions initiated by out-and-out charlatans.

Most of the others can be as bad, but I do not know why cheese-rolling is there. In parts of Britain it is a traditional race downhill, chasing a round cheese. No lies, no preaching, no trickery, no swindling conversion of the gullible. Youths do it today for mad fun, although I would agree that the idea may have had a pagan religion origin
Cheese rolling is in the list because it's showing all the signs of a proto-religion. It has many similarities to the very early stages of the cargo-cults of pacific islands.

I confidently predict that in a few hundred years Coopers Hill will have become a site of pilgrimage. A consecrated cheese will be rolled down through the congregation where the faithful will battle to win it as they do now. The Chosen One will then be sacrificed in a cauldron of boiling fondue to cries of "Blessed are the Cheese Makers".

It's a far more plausible foundation for a religion than Scientology ever was and should be nipped in the bud now before lives are wasted.
You forgot to mention Cthulhu :D

I have a tendency to rant over Scientology. And what's wrong with cheesecakes?!
They're round, cheesy, you can roll them - it'll all end in tears. See my previous reply.
And yummy.
I'd have to go for Astrology myself. Apparently I'm a Capricorn and I've had people tell me my traits and compatibility with others by star sign - patently incorrectly.

Then there's all the horoscope nonsense with it's cliched vagueness.

I have occasionally asked believers to provide me something - anything - to back up their fervently delivered assertions, preferably something involving evidence, logic, astronomy or sanity - pick any two.

Needless to say I only got anecdotes or blank stares.

But thing about stars is that you can look up and see them, know what they are and how far away they are from us and each other. Yet somehow an arrangement of unrelated and disparate stars that looks like a goat (if you're high, and on earth) has some strange influence over a narrow aspect of our lives.

The only caveat I can think of is that if I were a werewolf or vampire then the positions of the sun and moon would have obvious implications for how I plan my time but I still wouldn't need a horoscope, just a calendar or a watch.
Ah, astrology. I remember my friend telling me she's a scorpio and all her friends are scorpios...I said "you know scorpios are supposed to hate each other? Also, they're sex maniacs" (she's a virgin)
Lately this whole LHC will destroy he world crap has been pissing me off. Other things I can understand. Creationism; these people are under the idea that evolution some how negates the idea of god (which is bullshit of course) Astrology; I can understand people wanting there to be some order in the world and astrology gives them a feeling of that. Homeopathy, herbalism and the other pseudo-medicines; these are symptoms of a larger problems.
Its all crap and no one should believe them but I can understand it. But the LHC end of the world crap. These people can't spend 2 minute to look up Hawking radiation? They can't spend 2 minute to look up what real scientists think about it? They get nothing out of believing the world will be sucked into a black hole.
ROTFLMFAO!!! Yer KILLIN' me here!!!
What is your favourite topic for a good sceptical rant and why?

Politics. How are we supposed to believe anything a politician says? A politician needs no credentials, no education and is never held accountable for what he (or she) promises. Government, therefore is just an extention of lack of accountablility .... hell, its nothing more than a bunch of money hungry politicians.

My list has been thoroughly bested:


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