Alien abduction, LHC devouring the earth, Scientology, homoeopathy, faith healing, ley lines, crop circles, big foot, Lock Ness monster, psychics, the Philadelphia experiment, spoon bending, face on Mars, Jesus on everything, seances, crystal dangling, ghost hunting, auras, chakras, chi, cheese rolling, cheescake, yogic flying, speaking in tongues, dousing with tongs, past life regression, astrology (how could I forget!), Nostadamus, numerology, phrenology, faked moon landings, vitamin C, face cream, abstinence, magnetotherapy, out of body experiences, celebrity reincarnation, herbal enemas, heaven, hell, holistics, iridology, Reiki (WTF is Reiki?), hollow earth, prayer batteries, David Ike, the rapture, MM bloody R - Oh God may the sun swallow us all.

What is your favourite topic for a good sceptical rant and why?

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Fair list, though I take issue with the mention of Transcendental Meditation. The ORGANIZATION behind it was screwy from back in the mid-70's when I was with them full time, and I'll stipulate that with no argument.

However, the technique itself is sound, efficacious, and I suspect has made a substantial difference to me and for what I've seen, many others. There is such a thing as throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Put simply, I don't.
My favorite subject currently, and has been for awhile, is Nostradamus. If you want to be able to easily get me heated up mention Nostradamus and how he "predicted" the WTC attacks... But prophecy in general is absolutely hilarious. Hilarious, but sad because people actually put any stock in this...
The scientologists are freaking scary...they abduct ppl and kill them and shit
Conspiracy theories. They just make me insane. The same groups we can't trust to do anything right somehow trust each-other and work so well together that they are controlling the world without us knowing it.
Faux News, or is that repetitive?
Jesus Myth

It's always amazed me that the existence of Christ is taken for granted despite that there is not a single verifiable fact regarding his existence. And then you get into all the outrageously ridiculous claims about the guy who probably never was.

How exactly did he suffer and sacrifice? If he was God in the flesh is it even theoretically possible for such a thing? I guess perfection, omnipotence, and omniscience isn't all it's made out to be.
Is his existence less verifiable than others who supposedly existed around that time period or before?
The Law of Attraction, because not only is it untrue, it's very insulting to get numbers of people.
There are Indeed Many to choose from, but the freak-outs over the LHC really surprised me.
A girl in China (I think) actually killed herself out of fear! It is a good example of why good science education is so important!
9/11 Truth makes me livid. Medical Quackery makes me foam at the mouth. The Moon Landing stuff can make me violent. Either I've got rabies, or some of this stuff is unbelievably irritating to me.

The why is family and friends. I knew people in the Army who liased with the pentagon. My dad died of pancreatic cancer when I was 12. My dad, two of my grandads, my uncle, and no small number of their friends were involved with the space program from as far back as Gemini. The common bit among those Conspiracy Theories is they say bad things about my loved ones. If, as a skeptic, I have a sacred cow it's probably the absolute unerring awesomeness of my grandfather- who died a couple years ago. And Besides, Buzz Aldrin says it's okay.

So, yeah, the things that piss me off the most are the things that make implied ad homenim attacks against the people I care(d) about.


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