Who else noticed that Steve Martin appears to be a great big skeptic?

In the movie 'The Jerk' he demonstrates how people market things like his eyeglass grabber without testing them. Then he demonstrates how people get fleeced by fake charities. (Kitten juggling!) Then he goes on to demonstrate how magazine ads lead people to think they can "be somebody" if they have the right drink in their hand. Then there's the part in the carnival where he explains what people can really have from the prize shelf if he guesses their weight incorrectly. He even mocks ridiculous marketing schemes. (Cup-o-Pizza.) In 'Dirty Rotten Scoundels' he demonstrates how con artists operate. In 'My Blue Heaven' he demonstrates how mobsters operate and even break into politics. It has been speculated that 'Bowfinger' is some kind of a mockery of Scientology. 'Roxanne' demonstrates teaching people tolerance and logic. Then, my mom swears that he had a movie showing how televangelists scam people that my mom swears is just like a James Randi book called "The Flim Flam Man." I think there are more examples out there too. He was the cowriter of some of those movies. I thought maybe it was a writer he worked with, but after looking a few of those movies up on the net, I think he's the guy behind that stuff. I love it too! And I could really go for a Cup-0-Pizza about now.

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Yeah! I'm trying to get some guys on this site to start a Steve Martin page and a James Randi page. I think they should use the 'King Tut' photo of Stevie baby. They could use any photo of James Randi. Lots of people don't know what he looks like. If you have a movie Marathon, don't forget his not so skeptic movie, Parenthood. That movie rules. Although, it may make people want to slay their parents when they think about it.
The evangelist movie was "Leap of Faith"
Yeah, that's the one. There's a James Randi video on You tube where he exposes a televangelist by playing one of his healing shows where you can hear the voice on some kind of radio device prompting him.
I loved Leap of Faith. A classic scene is where the skeptic is labeled a cynic. Sound familiar?
I just have to say that my mom and I saw Steve Martin going into the NBC studios this week while we were visiting New York City, and we both giggled like idiots. Luckily, he couldn't hear us.

Wouldn't it be great if he started a "Bullshit"-type show of his own?
The Jerk has always been one of my favorite movies!




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